Core Temp ~ another program to monitor CPU temperature

Core Temp is another program to monitor CPU temperature like CPU-Z and SpeedFan. Core Temp is a simple software that tells your CPU information and temperature. You can use Core Temp to track Intel and AMD CPU temperature. Almost all the latest Intel and AMD CPU are supported like Intel Core i7 series, Core i5, Atom, Core 2 Duo series and AMD Phenom / Phenom II series, Athlon64 series, Athlon64 X2 series and a lot more…

Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650 in action

Core Temp has the ability to add on. You can add on Core Temp Grapher, Core Temp Sidebar gadget or Core Temp mIRC script to suite your need. There are nice tools to have. Besides, it has the ability to show CPU temperature at system tray. All the cores’ temperature will be displayed. Finally, the most important part. Core Temp is a free tool. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Interesting… I loaded both SpeedFan and Core Temp. The CPU cores temperature showed by Core Temp is lower 10C than SpeedFan. Some settings are wrong with Core Temp. The system should not be so cold…



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