CUBOT Kingkong Smartphone Best Deals

King Kong is here! Run for your life… Nope, it’s just CUBOT Kingkong smartphone. However, unlike normal smartphone out there. It’s a rugged one with IP68 waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof and can withstand both cold and hot environment as well. Top quality screen that prevent scratches too. Come with 4400mAh large battery that can last for days. Great for those adventurers like you. Lastly, the best deals – you can buy it for half price only @ $49.99 with discount coupon…

Yeah… Is CUBOT Kingkong the new king in the jungle? You tell me. But it’s surely a sturdy smartphone that worth to get with $49.99. Do check out GearBest Website for details. And buy yours there. Limited unit available. Be fast!!!



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