Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review (Video)

Hey guys, check out Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case for Samsung Galaxy S4. It is a tough case that provides extra protection to our Galaxy S4. Consist of 2 pieces with 3 layers by PC, TPU and silicone. And with screen protector + lifetime guarantee bundled along. Not to worry about drops, bumps and scratches anymore, right? Read on to find out…

Cygnett WorkMate Evolution Case for Galaxy S4

Video Review

WorkMate Evolution build quality is good and rock solid as you can expect from Cygnett. The inner layer (thicker in 4 corners) is by TPU while the outer shell that hold it by rubberized PC and with diamond textured silicone attached. Besides provide superior shock protection and grip, it also style up your Galaxy S4. And does not add much weight and size. By the way, there are 4 colours to choose – black, gray, orange and blue to suit each personal taste. Headset jack, IR blaster, both microphone, back camera, flash, speaker are accessible except USB port. The opening is too narrow to plug official Samsung USB cable in. The later batch should not have this issue (if you got one like mine, ask for exchange or refund). The screen protector has perfect cut out for sensors, front camera and home button. And fit Galaxy S4 well just like case does. As a result, WorkMate Evolution manages to provide full coverage protection for all sides including top, bottom, front and back.








It is nice to hold Cygnett WorkMate Evolution thanks to its nicely design and material. Grip is good too due to textured silicone panel. And able to stay firm on most of the surfaces like car dashboard. Of course, it fits Galaxy S4 snugly. Else it won’t called as protective case in the first place. So no worry that Galaxy S4 will drop out from case during high fall. Drop protection? Yes, it can survive from 3 meter high based on Cygnett official drop test (link). So not to worry on normal usage and drop from ear level height at all. It will protect Galaxy S4 well as a fully covered case. However, the feedback of power and volume buttons is average. You need to press hard to get it done. And no love for docking stations. Note – the bundled screen protector only manage to protect from scratches, not impact. But the raised lip around the front screen manages to help some.

Looking for protective and stylish case for Galaxy S4? Give Cygnett WorkMate Evolution a try. Rest assures that its tri-material design will withstand from drops, bumps and shocks. And enjoy lifetime guarantee.

Wait no more and get yours here.



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