Defense won to Titan League III

Yeah… With my almost maxed Clash of Clans Town Hall 11, I start to push to higher trophy level. However, pushing is not easy at higher level especially you get so little trophy from winning and lose a lot when lost the battle. Therefore, I found my way to get into Titan League III by just winning on defenses. Yes, I did not attack at Champion I and managed to get up to Titan III by defend only.


Hmm… With my current base, I am facing problem to get any further now. Players on top are really smart and managed to crushed my base for 2 stars. No base is unbreakable but I will continue to fine tune mine to get even better. Hopefully, I can manage to push it to Titan 2. Or maybe Legend League (but I don’t think it is possible by just defend). Anyway, never try never know, right?


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