Do you use Hotlink Activ10?

Do you use Hotlink Active 10? Yes. I do. I was a Hotlink Active 5 user back then. After Hotlink introduce Activ10, i am Activ10 user lo. However, do I benefit from Hotlink Activ10 lately? NO NO NO!!!

Hotlink Activ10

Huh? Why? If you read the fine words at above. *For customers on Hotlink Talk, Hotlink SMS & Hotlink Total rate plans, please be advised that the Off-Peak period for Activ10 Voice & Video Calls on Sundays has been amended to 12 midnight to 10am (previously 12 midnight to 5pm). Note – you can only enjoy this cheap call and SMS during Off-Peak period.

Basically, I don’t have much GHOST friends. So I do not benefit from Hotlink Avtiv10. Did you see the Off-Peak period was changed from “12 midnight to 5pm” to “12 midnight to 10am”? I am sleeping during 12 midnight to 6am. And preparing to office from 6am to 8am. Start working at 8am then. Do I still benefit from Hotlink Activ10???

I really missed previous Hotlink Active 5. Can I have it back?


  1. haha yeah man all telcos suck. we’re paying as much as they want. the only reason why they wanna lower any rates is to squeeze out the new competition.

  2. that’s why i take all advertising by any telco with a pinch of salt (ok, with spoonfuls…). the same goes with them advertising their wireless broadband. have you tried it? utterly s—-l—–o—–w! both digi and celcom!

  3. now got new hotlink 365 right??
    wonder if it is good for low usage customer like me??
    just need to top up RM30(in total,not every month) in first 6 months and pay RM33 annual fee then can call and sms for 1 year..not bad huh?

  4. DiGi and Celcom are real cheaters !! SMS 1 sen is printed bigger but at the bottom there printed very small, ” after 1 AM ”

    Ministry never resrict them as per telco laws. Broadband in Sigapore is cheaper than Malaysia ! in the second bill Streamyx is charging more than 1000 for SOHO. I don know why !!

    If I call DiGi sometimes, the I cannot hear their voice but credit is deducted !! I need to cut the line and call back!!


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