Wipe Out Street, Bring Healthy Life with dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp

Great news! Here is dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp 27% off coupon code for you and me. Yup, dodocool is having a great promotion on their natural crystal salt lamp during these 5 days. On top of that, dodocool is giving away the lamp for free on every 10 lamp buyers. Yes, you did not read it wrong. More information can be found at dodocool Website.

dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp Main Features:

  • Made of a 10W incandescent bulb with a lamp shade of Himalayan crystal salt.
  • The heated crystal salt lampshade can absorb water and then evaporate, release negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer and purifying the surrounding air.
  • Plug right into the wall with no cords or extra space needed.
  • The 3-prong plug is 270° rotatable and can be fixed at 0°/90°/180°/270°.

Check out one of the Amazon customers said… “This salt lamp is well designed. I love the rubber seal that attaches the salt so that it holds in place. Having the plastic plug for the ground helps the night light stay tight in the outlet. The heaviness of the salt does not pull on the night light. It stays right in place. It looks great on or off. The Himalayan Salt does not melt, it gives good ions into the air to help bring the dust particles down and easy to clean. For this reason it is really good for anyone who has allergies. I have a large rock and a basket of rocks on at all times. One by the tv, vcr, etc in the family room and one in the bedroom. This nightlight will goes well in the bathroom. I love the quality of this lamp.”

Interested? Use this product link to know more. And get yours there.


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