Download A2SDGUI ~ GUI for Darktremor A2SD

Darktremor Apps2SD is an application that will help to move applications to store at SD card permanently. However, it is a script based program. So you need to know a little of scripting in order to use the advanced functions. But XDA Developer, elgubbo came out a GUI for Darktremor A2SD scripts ~ A2SDGUI.

A2SDGUI ~ GUI for Darktremor A2SD

A2SDGUI Features

  • Show where Apps are stored and Toggle from Internal to EXT
  • Show if Zipalign runs on boot and Toggle
  • Show if swap is activated and toggle
  • Set swappiness
  • Show where dalvik-cache is and move it
  • Enable/Disable Dalvik JIT
  • Set Dalvik Heapsize (for now only values between 12 and 32, i do not know if any values in this margin are good!)
  • Set the internal Low Memory Killer to different levels (there also is an explanation included)
  • German translation
  • now checks for remaining space before moving Dalvik-Cache anywhere (error prevention)
  • System Info Screen which shows: free/used ram, free/used swap, free/used internal memory, free/used sd-ext, free/used space on /cache/ (more things to come …)
  • a2sd beta is supported now..
  • Added (rudimentary) help menu with manual ability to check for updates.
Dalvik cache location
System information

Download A2SDGUI ~ GUI for Darktremor A2SD v0.8 here.


  1. Dear Jayce
    how are you doing my freind?
    i have install dtapps2sd- in HD2 with Android_2.3.5_Firmware_v2.3 ROM but when i’m trying to use the program gives me:
    1.your device is not rooted
    2.A2SD Scripts could not be found
    3.No EXT partition foun
    i’ve made all the steps but i did not understand number 1&2
    i need help so bad i can’t install any application in my HD2.



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