Download Advanced Power Menu for Samsung Galaxy S2 stock firmware

Err… Where is the reboot function in the power menu (long press power button) in Samsung Galaxy S II? No, there is no reboot function unless you install custom power menu like Advanced Power Menu. Besides APM, this update also bring along other goodies like CRT, SIP enabled on 3G and stock battery with % (1 to 100%) to Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock firmware.

Advanced Power Menu

Finally, I have reboot function in the power menu. And love the CRT effect. By the way, you need to install this update with ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S2 in order to install this mod.

Download Advanced Power Menu for Samsung Galaxy S2 here.


  1. Hi Jayce, i have KWKF3, will this power menu work? I am mainly interested in the CRT Animation. Is there a zip update just for that, that someone has tried on Galaxy s2? I am a bit worried coz this is messing around with framework-res.apk which is the main android file….dont want to mess anything up. Plz help me ASAP!!


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