Download Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Most of my Android devices are loaded with custom ROM. Only HTC One X (which not yet unlock bootloader due to warranty void issue) and Google Nexus 7 (stock ROM is good enough for the moment) are in stock OS. My Samsung Galaxy Note II is loaded with Android Revolution HD ROM just like Galaxy S3. Why use custom ROM instead of stock firmware? Malaysia firmware is always late to update when compare to Europe region firmware. Therefore, why limit yourself and not to try out latest and greatest stuffs in newer firmware. Besides, Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has lot of goodies in store. Android Revolution HD 8.0 is based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean – latest official Samsung XXDLL7 firmware. Of course, it is fully optimized, tweaked and rooted. And other features like GPU UI rendering enabled with full Exynos 4 Quad (GPU) rendering, RAM optimizations, speed optimizations, improved CPU governors performance, excellent battery life, improved EXT4 performance, Adobe Flash Player support and lot more…

Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Installation guide ~ How to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with CWM? (Video)

Download Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here.


  1. good day to you jayce. if i use this ROM, will all the data in my phone be wiped off?
    another thing, can i install this ROM using ROM manager? Im afraid that all the games and apps that I have installed will be wiped off. any solutions?? thanks as always

  2. If i factory reset will TB be removed as well? how do i restore the apps and data that I backed up from TB? I have also read that the EFS must be backed up as well? or no need if I install this ROM?

  3. Hi jayce. I’ve finally downloaded and successfully installed ARHD romantic in my gn2. However, I have noticed that the battery life is not that good. It drains out faster. So I have checked for a solution in xda forums and tried to do what is suggested. I’ve downloaded the battery calibration apply as suggested and at standby with wifi on, I’ve got 96@% in a little more than 8 hours which is not bad. But the problem is when I used the phone for browsing or any time it’s on, it’s draining 1% every 2 minutes. Please help:( thanks

  4. If I factory reset, ARHD will not be removed? Factory reset using Samsung built in function or Cwm? I believe u r using the same time right? Have u experienced this problem?

  5. When I factory reset my n2 before I installed this rom, I used to as u suggested. When the installation was finished I have to download tb again. However when I tried to restore my backup there was nothing to install. I had to install back all my apps using play store again. How do I do it right in the?

  6. i will try to factory reset my n2 and see how it goes. if the problem still occurs, how can I bring back the stock rom of my n2? what do i have to do to bring it back before i installed the rom??thanks much

  7. Dear Mr Jayce,
    I am using Samsung Note 2, and update to Android 4.1.2 in Dec 2012. After the upgrade, I am experience Wifi issue like “Obtaining IP adresses…..” and “authenication error occurred”

    After surfing up and down from the Net/ forum, I finally solved the “obtaining IP addresses…” issue by keying *#0011# and disable the WIFI power saving mode. I need to disable this function everytime I power on my hp and before connect to the wifi……

    As for the “authenication error occurred” problem, it is still unresolved. The funny thing is it only happens to my house wifi (using Streamyx). It seems I have no problem using my office wifi, P1 wifi…….still can’t find a solution……

    Before I try to “solve” this, I have also send my hp to Samsung Centre for 2 weeks, and come back with the same errors……I have also highlighted to Samsung Mobile Malaysia via Facebook, and they promised to revert to their HQ……

    After surfing the Net / forum, it seems similar problems happen after upgrage to 4.1.2…..I am wondering wheather you experience the same problems ? Is it the Android 4.1.2 issue or my setting issue or otherwise ? I have no problem with my wifi under the Android original 4.1.1 issue…..

    Please help…..THANKS

  8. Hiiiiiii……… I m using Galaxy Note 2 GT N 7100.. OS Jelly BEan 4.1.2

    does I need to Root My Note 2.. ?? or it is only for Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ??

  9. Hi,
    Is Android revolution HD 31.0 good?
    I am currently on Android revolution 19.0
    Are there any specific precautions that I should take before I upgrade the ROM from my present ROM.
    Please help me regarding the Titanium backup and restore.



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