Download Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

Which custom ROM am I using on Samsung Galaxy S III now? Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 is the one. Samsung firmware is getting better each day. And I did not change much custom Android ROM like the year before. Will only change to new custom whenever there are lot of new features comes out just like Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Upgrade. Yup, the version of Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 that I am using is based on latest official Samsung Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXELKC firmware. And rest assures that it is fully optimized and tweaked. Pre-rooted of course, improved CPU governors performance, improved EXT4 performance, excellent battery life…

Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

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I really like Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Upgrade Features. Lot of customizations can be done without adding any modification. And running smoothly after days of testing. No bug so far. Try it out and be sure to check XDA Forum for latest build and more information…

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 v17.1 here.


  1. I can’t root my CROSS A1, because SUPERUSER installed on my system device. I’ve tried to uninstall SUPERUSER, but can’t delete it. Please help me, how I can delete SUPERUSER in my device. I want to install Gingerbread to my device too, how I can do it ?
    Thanks for your help…. πŸ™‚

  2. this rom can make flash whith odin?sorry for english….bicause whith rom manager disapear 5gb from my sd card,i wipe the data factory and user…

  3. Hey Jayce just to make sure since I’m about to flash this rom, this is pre-rooted right?

    and this have the latest premium suite features like multi window, camera low light features to name a few, etc.. right?

  4. Hi Jayce,

    If I flash this Android HD ROM v.18 based on latest official Samsung I9300XXELLA firmware (latest from XDA, v17.1 no longer available) and then later, say I would like to use Malaysia’s official firmware, I’ll just flash with Odin right?

    Another thing, I understand that triangle away doesn’t work with XXELLA right, that means I can’t reset my binary counter, any resolution to this. I was thinking of flashing the old bootloader first then uses Triangle Away to reset binary counter and then only flash Malaysia’s official firmware…do I sound crazy?

    Your advice is most appreciated.

    • Yes. Factory reset first might needed.

      This is new to me. Actually, no need to use Triangle Away unless you need to send back for warranty claim. Do you need to send it back now?


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