Download Bliss HTC Sense 3.5 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Want to try the latest HTC Sense 3.5? HTC Bliss ROM for HTC HD2 is the one that you need then. It is based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and using Raf 1.9GB Kernel. As usual, the graphics glitches issue was fixed thanks to haldric. Does its performance better than HTC Sense 3.0? Let’s find out…

Bliss HTC Sense 3.5

Quadrant score
HTC Sense 3.5 Launcher
Software information

As expected, it is slow. And camcorder is not working smoothly (even with patch). 720p video is not playable too. Hmm… I don’t think that HTC Sense 3.0 and above is good for HTC HD2.

Note – You need to have 195 MB CWM partition layout and 1 GB of EXT3 partition to install this Bliss HTC Sense 3.5 v1.1 ROM.

Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Bliss HTC Sense 3.5 v1.1 [Kernel: RAF 1.9GB] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.

Download haldric’s glitches fix here.


  1. Thanks for your great videos. I’ve downloaded the 400MB CWM partition and partitioned the SD card to 1GB. The installation freezes at the “PROCESSING SYSTEM Please waiting…” screen with the progress bar about halfway. Any idea as to why this might be happening?

  2. About half an hour. It finally clicked over and finished the install. Now it’s stuck on the “Quieltly Brilliant” splash screen….I’ve been waiting for over an hour. Is this normal or should I try reinstall? Many thanks for your help with this.

  3. hello help me please. i have same big ?. CWM – what is this and how 195 mb partition. my phone turn on but android not working. Open Lockscreen then “Force close” HELP HELP

  4. dear will you please tell me how to creat 195 MB CWM partition i am stucked i installed zip file from sd card and befor i created partition ext3 and after installation its just saying quietly brilliant please help me dear what can i do?

  5. can u send me (if u have) the link of the original android of sensation XL cuz it contains htc sense & i dont know its the version number 🙂

  6. i need to download an android rom for htc hd2 thta works from the sd card and contains android 2.3.5 and htc sense 3.5 with the sd card working or a tip to how to make another rom like this handle my sd card


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