Download DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2

Yeah… DFT team released HSPL4 for all of us finally. Good news for those using latest official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14 because it supports SPL 3.03.0000. Note – SPL-3.03.HSPL only supports Windows Mobile 6.5. You still need to use SPL-2.08.HSPL to use NAND Android and Windows Phone 7. Make sure that you select the correct Hard SPL for your ROM installation.

HSPL4 includes SPL-2.08.0000, SPL-2.08.HSPL, SPL-3.03.0000 and SPL-3.03.HSPL. And 3.03 SPL supports LEO1024.

To install any SPL above, you must have one of the SPL version from this list below on your device:

  • SPL-1.42.0000
  • SPL-1.62.0000
  • SPL-1.66.0000
  • SPL-2.07.0000
  • SPL-2.08.0000
  • SPL-2.10.0000
  • SPL-3.03.0000

Download DFT HSPL4 for HTC HD2 here.