Download DL DesireHD (Themed) SD MAGLDR Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… A full version HTC Desire HD build for SD MAGLDR HTC HD2. dandiest’s build is able to flash as SD, MAGLDR and NAND. Not going to cover NAND build because it is not ClockworkMod Recovery Build and SD build as I am not using Windows Mobile 6.5 anymore. So left only SD MAGLDR method. This is a themed version which based on HTC Desire HD 1.72 build, Android 2.2.1 Froyo and using rafpigna 1.7 OC Kernel. This might be one of your best Android combo with Windows Phone 7.

DL DesireHD on HTC HD2

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Software information

Installation guide ~ How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? (Video)

CPU processing speed is slower than DL DesireZ. Might be caused by Desire HD itself or different kernel. Anyway, Chinese Handwriting is supported on this build. And 720p MP4 video playback is working fine (got few skip frames during startup). And do read the readme guide for installation details. Apply SD.fix for mobile if you have issue with 3G data connection. I faced and fixed it by patching with the zip and changed ppp_mode=1 to ppp_mode=0 in config.txt.

How to install it on SD MAGLDR?

  1. Copy Desire_DL folder to your SD card root level.
  2. Rename config.txt.magldr to config.txt.
  3. Put SD card into your phone.
  4. Power on it (don’t let go power button).
  5. It will load into MAGLDR bootloader.
  6. Go to ‘Services’.
  7. Select ‘BootSettings’.
  8. Select ‘AD SD Dir’.
  9. Select ‘DESIRE~1’ directory.
  10. Finally, select ‘Boot AD SD’.
  11. It will boot into Android.
  12. That’s all.

Download DL DesireHD v2.0 [Kernel: rafpigna 1.7 OC] SD MAGLDR ROM here.


  1. Hello Jayce,

    First thank you so much for your tutorials, I find it easier to understand your steps. Second, if you have time only, if you could do a video tutorials on flashing the splash screens and boot animations such as the following in the XDA forums:

    I believe if we decide to turn our HTC HD2 into android or WP7, we should be have the correct splash screens/or boot animations on there. Just a thought, no hurry, I got your site bookmarked again thank you thank you thank you…I love this site…- Jerome

  2. Dear Jayce,

    I just extracted teh above ROM into the SD, and ran it on top of Windows Mobile 6.5. After loading, it states that my phone storage is very low adn that I should free up at least 512 Kb. Is it using the internal memory or just the SD card? How can I free up memory in the internal memory? Is it because it is running both WinMo6.5 adn Desire DL image at the same time? Should I remove windows and install it alone through MAGLDR?

    Please advise and give me your recommendations and suggestions.



    • Sorry, I dumped Windows Mobile 6.5 long time ago. So I cannot test SD card Android without MAGLDR. Can’t comment much on that.

      FYI, installing MAGLDR will remove WinMo 6.5 totally.

      • Well I am about to dump it too 🙂 but the point that I am trying different ROMs to see which one suits me best before removing windows totally…Froyo 2.2 with HTC sense 1.7 worked like a charm so far…I wonder what might be causing it not to allocate Internal memory form the SD…anyway thx for your help 🙂

  3. Hi,
    HOw much space left in the Phone memory shown in the Android are we expecting right after install ? I tried to remove as much app as possible but i’m still stuck with less than 15MB of space. HOw can i release more space ? What is actually eating up the space?

  4. I downloaded Magldr and it wiped the Windows 6.5 Os,
    Everytime i try to install Android rom it keeps telling me that the kernel failed..
    What should i do next?

  5. Hi,
    I have problem with a network conncetion. I have set up APN, same as meny times before (with diferent rom), but it does not work. Ahy idea why?
    Thank You!


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