Download Football Windows Phone 7 ROM for HTC HD2

I promised that I will be back to Windows Phone 7 when new stuff comes out. Yup, there are 2 custom Windows Phone 7 ROMs out there now. Here is the one cooked by xda-developer, Football. Good news, you don’t need to unlock it with ChevronWP7 by yourself. Ease our life a little bit. It is based on OEM version – 2250.09.07401.605 and Windows Phone version -7.0.7004.0.

Football WP7 on HTC HD2

Football WP7 Features

  • HD7 Theme style
  • Activated Chervon hack
  • Reduced volume level
  • Added some security policies
  • Added MMS profile
  • Added HTC section at marketplace
  • Performance and other registry tweaks
  • Changed lockscreen picture
  • Google search engine in IE


Err… Windows Phone 7 is really a very new operating system. I still can’t find an application to take screen shot of the phone. Still need my SLR camera to do the job. 😛

Installation guide ~ How to install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Football Windows Phone 7 v1.01.00.WP7 ROM here.


  1. Jayce, I installed Football ROM on my HD2 without a SD card in it, and now most of the internal memory onboard (only 200MB) is taken up by the WP7 software.. Can i buy a new SD Card, and try to reinstall the ROM so that WP7 recognizes the card and combines both internal and SD storage memory?

  2. Please attach the zip file for football rom because the cap does nothing. Ni luck finding it on the web for hours and I’m a thorough searcher. Thanks very much. I have run out of patience.

  3. Jayce… Is there any other coocked rom being released soon.. I tried all three but still the touch screen does not respond as i want it to during calls.

  4. yo, Jayce i have one simple question for you, what is your sd card, i mean what type, what class, please give full spec okay 😉 i will have my new htc hd2 next week 🙂

  5. Hi Jayce, Tried downloading the WP7 mango through the links you provided but it looks like the links have been removed. culd you pls provide an alternative link? Thanks

  6. can you post another link to Xmbod rom as i get redirected to Ilivid download ..i can’t download any file uploaded to


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