Download FREE Pocket Shopping for Windows Mobile

Who like shopping? Here is a nice Windows Mobile application for you. I usually put the things that I want to buy in Outlook tasks list. My mom does the grocery shopping all the while, not so soon to me. For those who are, PocketShopping is the app for you. It is totally free shopping list software that allows you to maintain a master list of products you buy on a regular basis. The user interface is similar to iPhone applications, finger-friendly, smart scrolling, gestures and animation effects.

PocketShopping Features

  • Finger-friendly user interface with smart scrolling, gestures and animation effects, similar to iPhone applications.
  • Group the products by shop and by category.
  • Unlimited number of shops, categories and products.
  • Arrange the categories for each shop, by their location as you walk through the aisles. The products are sorted alphabetically.
  • Two operating modes: selecting products to buy and going shopping. First, you must select from the master list the products which you want to buy, also you can add new products, categories and shops. Then, when you go shopping, change to “Go Shopping” mode, and you only will see the products which you selected previously, and then while buying you can mark the products introduced in the shopping cart.
  • Set the unit type of each product (units, boxes, packets, Kg, etc.), and set the default unit type of each category (when adding a new product in a category, automatically the default unit type of the category is assigned to the new product).
  • Set the quantity to buy for each product.
  • Quick search of products by using the keyboard.

A test on PocketShopping? Let’s say that I want to buy breakfast for myself ~ cereals and some cookies.

Just tick cereals and cookies
Click on Go Shopping and 2 of thems will show up in All Products
Check them when you bought it
Yeah, all done
Create another shopping list on your next trip

Besides the default items, you can edit each of the items and add more to match your need. A wonderful tool for shopping indeed.

Download PocketShopping v1.0 here


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