Download FroyoStone Sense v3.2 Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yes, here comes another update from DarkStone ~ FroyoStone Sense v3.2 with linux_on_wince_htc Kernel. It is HTC Desire Sense build based on stock, no modification apart from camera app and superusers app. Based on the chef, everything should be working, should be fast, very fast… Try it out and let me know.

FroyoStone Sense on HTC HD2

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Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download FroyoStone Sense v3.2 Kernel: linux_on_wince_htc ROM here.


  1. will this be smoother than nexus one ? cause im using hd2 with nexus one but its kinda lag sometimes and the screen shows delay sometimes hmm

  2. Anyone having trouble with sending picture messages and with zoom on the camera with this build ? When sending mms I keep getting an error message Message Not Downloaded… and zoom just doesn’t work at all on the camera

  3. Im using it for a month on my HD2. From my experience on several Android rom, i think this is the fastest and the smoothest rom.

    Ive tried Mdeejay Froyo HD, its kinda lag but got more interesting features than Desire Build.


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