Download Galaxy S4 Modem (I9500 & I9505)

Not getting the best signal reception on your Samsung Galaxy S4? Change its modem (radio baseband version) then. Yup, Galaxy S4 modem is the one that control the performance of signal reception, data speed, stability, coverage and battery life. By selecting the suitable one, you get the best out of your Galaxy S4. Note – even though these modems are official one but it will make your Galaxy S4 as custom status due to wrong combination with the firmware and kernel.

Galaxy S4 Modem
Galaxy S4 Modem (I9500 & I9505)

I don’t simply change the modem because most of them perform the same. However, it might improve yours. Therefore, just try them out to find the best modem for your Galaxy S4. There are 2 installation methods – Odin and CWM. Do refer to these guides if you don’t know yet. Do make a CWM backup first before install.

Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Modem for both GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 here.