Download HTC HD2 Android Launcher ~ One click launches clrcad and haret instantly

Jmz Android Dual-Boot for HTC HD2 helps me to make selection to boot into Windows Mobile or Android 2.2 Froyo during startup. But no everyone like to make selection during booting, here is another useful single click to load Android application for you ~ HTC HD2 Android Launcher.

HTC HD2 Android Launcher will execute clrcad.exe first then haret.exe for you. “Are you sure you want to boot android?” will be prompted when click on the launcher. It prevent accidentally Android loading. It has another version that will load Android without asking any question. But I failed to make it work. It still prompts that question. Anyway, I prefer a question version because putting it at the main page. I will click on it accidentally.

Install Instructions

  • Install to the device.
  • Reboot.
  • Execute Android Launcher from your Start Menu.

Download HTC HD2 Android Launcher here.


  1. I have found is ALL of the dual boot programs DO NOT work on the second run, that is the after the reboot on install the selection of Android starts perfectly and all is fine, yet the next time the phone is rebooted the Android load ends soon with a permanent white screen.

  2. please help, i download the file and i innstalled it and it said could not find haret.exe android will not boot.
    can you help me pls what should i do now.thank you.

  3. i need help i cant get android to work on my phone! idk how to install what you posted my android is built in android folder do i put your download in the android folder?

  4. Hi Jayce,
    You are a genious about HTC HD2. Am having a problem 🙁 sure you will help me… I installed Android 2 days back and everything was working fine…. And today when I restarted and tried to start Android again ( ran the CLRCAD.exe – but it failed saying the certification problem or some file is missing ) 🙁 Can you please help me to get rid of this problem. And, how to copy the contacts to the Android. Your help is much appreciated… please!!!!

  5. how to fix error CLRCAD .. when i m trying to run its not working it shows either file is correpted or miss .
    pls reply me with solution

  6. well i have tryed id 2 days ago but when ive installed everything and enter clockworkmod and try to install zip from sd car an rom it isnt there so i think its strange ive done eveything from your vids so i dont get it.


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