Download HTC HD2 Music Stability Update

Yup, another hotfix for HTC HD2. This time is music stability update after HTC HD2 Handwriting Stability Update. Err… This is not the update that I am waiting for. I want a ROM update to Windows Mobile 6.5.5 soon. Else I will get the unofficial ROM already.

[pull_quote_center]This update for HTC HD2 HTC Sense enhances the stability of the music application so your enjoyment of your music is no longer interrupted by the player behaving unexpectedly.[/pull_quote_center]

Do you have issue with HTC HD2 music application? Yes, I do. I do face issue when I plug in my speaker input. It will skip or stop playing songs sometimes. Hopefully, this hotfix will fix that issue.

Note – This update is only applicable to ROM versions equal to, or lower.

Download HTC HD2 Music Stability Update here.


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