Download HTC Sync 3.0 for HTC Legend, Desire, Wildfire, Aria, Hero (Android 2.1)

Yeah, I am using Android on HTC HD2 all day long now. Starting to dump Windows Mobile and using Android from now on. I am still using some Windows Mobile applications like Garmin Mobile XT thou. So I am starting to start new chapter on Android HTC HD2. The first thing to do ~ Download HTC Sync 3.0.

HTC Sync 3.0

HTC Sync 3.0 ~ to synchronize Outlook contacts and calendar or Outlook Express contacts and the bookmarks of web browser between your computer and your phone. It also lets you install third-party Android applications on the phone, and bring your photos, videos, documents, songs, and playlists to your phone.

HTC Sync 3.0 is developed for HTC Legend, Desire, Wildfire, Aria, Hero (Android 2.1). And I don’t have any issue with FroYo Sense build on HTC HD2.

Download HTC Sync 3.0.5422 here.


  1. I actually lost confident in HTC. Although I drop it before, after using for about 1 year, my internal speaker doesn’t work anymore. So, I sent it for repair. After repair, about half of the year later, my touch screen has no respond. πŸ™

    • Smartphone cannot survive dropping much due to complex tiny design. My HTC HD2 still serve me well except the battery. Anyway, HTC Malaysia provides 2 years warranty. Any other phone provider does that? πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Jayce, first of all, i like to thank you for your clear guidance on installing nand JawMIUI ROM, i hv just done it today, love it. but i have problem sync with my outlook contact, all my few hundred contacts are there, can’t live without it,before this i have no problem sync with Outlook 2007 contact by using HTC sync 3.0 with my SD Android EVO4G (desire), i can see HTC sync was running at my HD2 just now, but just can’t get connected at HTC Sync at my laptop, please advise.

  3. Hi Bro,

    I am using HTC HD2 with Android 2.3 boot from SD. I have just downloaded the HTC Sync 3.2.10. Tried to sync but it say it does not recognise my phone.

    What should I do? Please help.


    Paul Low

  4. Hi Jayce,

    Appreciate your reply. I have checked with HTC help desk and their reply as follows:

    “Kindly be aware that you may not be able to use HTC Sync for your phone since the phone has been rooted before.”

    What should I do? Your guidance and assistance is much appreicated. I still want to use my HTC HD2.


    Paul Low

  5. Hai Jayce, i’m newbie on this.thanks for the latest android version typhon7 cm3.6.8 .Working great with my hd2, i had problem on htc sync via android could not sync with my computer,i tried to follw instruction on HELP,debuge but it still cannot show my phone .is there anything that missing on my android .if there any solution ?


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