Download HyperDroid ~ The Ultimate CyanogenMod 6 Final Android ROM for HTC HD2

HyperDroid ~ The Ultimate CyanogenMod 6 Final Android ROM for the HD2! Yup, here is another Android build for our lovely HTC HD2. It is a completely customized and optimized HD2 Android 2.2 (Froyo) from source (based on CyanogenMod-6.0.1 + Latest Tested & Stable Nightly). Just plays it for a while… It failed to auto connect to my WiFi router during startup. I need to connect manually. Had some touch screen freeze issue from time to time. And I changed LCD density to 220 from 180 (default). Check out below video ~ Android HyperDroid v1.6 CM6 michyprima Demo on HTC HD2.

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download Android HyperDroid v1.6 CM6 michyprima ROM here.


  1. hey jayce..
    this is my first time flashing android to my htc..
    can i straight away flash cyanogenmod 6 after installing hardspl and custom ruu?
    or is there any requirements for this CM6..e.g specific radio/spl?

      • im using energy rom and 2.12 radio..tried booting to worked fine the first time..but my batt drains quickly and robotic voices during calls..another thing i notice is my hd2 feels quite hot after sometime..i like the display though..wish dat something can be done to fix my problems..really loved to continue using android in my hd2..
        anything u can suggest jayce?

        • Hot is normal on Android as it uses lot of CPU. So battery drains faster too. Try other radio ROM see. Or choose other Android build which is working properly. 😉

  2. Hi there Jayce,
    i just want to know.. do you think which one is the best? android froyo 2.2 or this CM 6? if i have already android froyo in my phone, so, how if want to install this CM 6? did i need to delete first the android folder? or maybe i will can choose to boot any (android or CM 6) in windows 6.5? TQ

  3. I have been testing the HTC hd2 with the roms to see if I want to return the phone before my 30 days are up.I downloaded this rom. I was starting to like it very much and I said to myself finally a good rom to depend on, but then when someone finally called me I felt some static on my ear almost ticking it. That has got to be some bad radiation waves or something. Anyway, this ruined it.

  4. Hi Jayce, i just got this 16GB micro sd.. if i copy all the things in my previous 8GB micro sd, can i still run the CM6 or Froyo 2.2 like before as usual?

  5. Hi Jayce, i just got this 16GB micro sd.. if i copy all the things from my previous 8GB micro sd to new 16GB, can i still run the CM6 or Froyo 2.2 like before as usual?

  6. Hi there Jayce, i would like to know more about tethering.. right now, i can only tethering via wireless connection and not via usb… i dont know why… and then, when i tried to set security password for the wireless at HD2 (WPA2 PSK), my laptop cannot access it and said connection error… FYI, i’m using win. 7 OS for my laptop… maybe you know more how to access or tethering via usb which maybe faster and secure than the wireless… hope you can help me.. TQ

  7. Hi Jayce… i would like to know… if we flash to other ROM, is it effect GARMIN apps too in WINMO? my garmin cannot be use since it cannot be connected to GPS… i donno why…

  8. Hi, I have hyperdroid 1.7 installed and works and looks great.

    Only thing is I can’t connect to the internet unless using wifi. Any idea on how to get my mobile internet back

    • Hi BaLIy… i wish to help you… you can find the cmdline in that folder under notepad STARTUP… just change the folder name as you want via pc and then save.. thats all… hope you can find it..

  9. Hi Jayce,

    I am trying to tweak the build.prop to be able to play 720p HD videos, but have not been successful so far. Can you please help me with the exact settings? Thanks!

      • yes it can! the video player used in mdeejay’s froyo sense 2.4.2 played HD videos very well. just that I no longer have that build else would have checked the build.prop. will have to download and try again.
        would be great to know the settings to be tweaked in build.prop to make 720p videos run, don’t you think?

        • Cool. Let me know when you find it out. Interested to know because the mdeejay build that i use can’t play it.

          By the way, what kind of format and codec is your 720p video?

          • Well, I installed MDJ Froyo Sense 2.4.2 back on my HD2. The apps sec tion has an icon called ‘Videos’, which shows a list of all videos on your phone and probably invokes ES Video player when you select one to play. I played a couple of my 720p videos and they played just fine. Have pasted the Audio/Video section of the build.prop. I think, these settings will allow us to play HD videos on any build. Try and enjoy. Let me know if you were able to tweak these in your existing build and play 720p videos.

   = 3gp,mp4
   = m4v,h263
   = 176,1280
   = 144,720
   = 64000,2000000
   = 1,30
   = 176,1280
   = 144,720
   = 64000,2000000
   = 1,30


  10. I have two problems running this Rom…no sound and the layout of everything is really small, home screen, app screen, etc. This isn’t my first flash, just decided to try this one out. Any solutions?

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