Download imilka HD2Z NAND + DATA.IMG Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… xda-developer, imilka release another version of its HTC Desire Z build. This version includes advanced power menu, EVO keyboard with arrows, small performance improvements and most of all ~ it is rooted. The best part of Desire Z ~ HTC Sense Rotatable Launcher which includes Music app, Weather app, FM Radio, HTC Contacts in landscape mode. It is based on RC Team Z v0.6 build for Desire (Desire Z 1.72.405.2) with Android 2.2.1 Froyo and using MDJ S9.2 OC Kernel. Further more, it uses DATA.IMG at SD card as internal storage.

imilka HD2Z on HTC HD2

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Yeah… Finally, I got a build with Chinese handwriting enabled. Most of MDJ has EVO keyboard but cannot enable Chinese handwriting mode. But this build can. By the way, there is an extra step to do ~ extract data package to SD card root level. Make sure you do so before install NAND Android ROM.

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download data package 512MB and 1GB

Download imilka HD2Z v0.2 [Kernel: MDJ S9.2 OC] NAND + DATA.IMG ROM here.


  1. when installing the MAGLDR 1.11 and the nand rom do I leave my sd card in my phone or should I take it out during the installing process.

  2. jayce please help me where am i going wrong here are the steps i did to run the rom but stuck with htc logo with black screen for like forever.

    1) copied CWM folder as temp in root of sd , copied 2 file to root again, run the daf through flash and partition my sd card with cwm of 1024 and swap size 0

    2) restarted in to mgldr and got the error that kernal missing and that two file missing. any ways copied the rom on sd card. and tried to load cwm through option 2 but again same error. tried to load from option 8 but got the error boot file missing.

    3) so i copied the two boot file from the rom(the one i mentioned in step 2) on root of my sd card then cwm was loaded . i tried to load the rom from option 2 the rom was loaded but stuck at the htc logo with black screen like forever.

    this is happening in all the roms of imika(however the roms of boyppc were loading perfectly all of them). please let me know why is this thing going on. where am i going wrong. i am really frustrated and desperate to try imika roms.

    please help me as early as possible

  3. jayce thank you for the quick reply and sorry for the some incomplete information. i am talking about another rom of imika . its imika gingerbread rom with sense it contains following folder(boot meta inf sd ext and system) it mentions making partition with cwm but i cannot do it. this is the link of the rom.

    please give me a link or tell me where exactly i am going wrong.

    i have search every where there is no intallation guide please help me.


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