Download & Install Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLPB Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2

Yeah… The latest and greatest beta Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich XXLPB Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S II is here. Look like Samsung is working really hard to bring official Android 4.0 ICS firmware to Samsung Galaxy S2 sooner. Lot of beta firmwares from time to time. ICS lovers, it’s time for you to install new beta Android 4.0 ICS firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S2 again…

Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLPB Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2

What are the new features and changes in Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLPB Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2? Any improvement? Well, based on XDA Developer, ithehappy. XXLPB Firmware is far better than previous XXLP6 Firmware and definitely a keeper. Check out his details impression on XXLPB Firmware here.

Download Android 4.0.3 ICS XXLPB Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 here.


  1. Hello Jayce… is it better than XXLP2… because I tried the XXLP6… it was not good for me… lots of restart and less battery life… I reverted back to XXLP2.. which I found far best…. Please do let know if better and also is updated log in possible which was not connecting to server in XXLP6….

    Many thanks….

  2. Hai Jayce, if i’m using checkrom and wish to backup all my contact log and sms …
    how to backup the stuff if i flash the ics with odin straight from checkrom?

  3. Hi Jayce.
    I hadinstalled XXLPB from xda-dev site. My phone firmware data reads as below.
    Baseband ver – I9100XXLPB
    Kernel – 3.0.15-I9100XXLPB-CL99600 se.infra@SEI-44#3
    Build – IML74K.XXLPB
    Okay . my question is why the build no read as IML instead of ICS.
    Secondly i tried to root my phone using the kernel CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXX_LPB-v5.2-CWM5. After rooting i got a yellow triangle at start up. I tried both the methods ie with and without usb jig to remove the triangle. But for this my usb jig is not working. so i copy the zimage into my phone and flash it with stock kernel and again flash the CF kernel from CWM. Now i am left with two bugs which i cant solve.
    1. when i insert my usb jig. it shows FACTORY MODE instead of ODIN MODE on top left corner and custom firmware installation is not resetted to zero.
    2. Wen i open CWM manager it shows a message ” This ver of CWM manager should be used with CF-Root v5.0 or newer.It appears you are running adifferent kernel.Some of the features are disabled. Moreover when i flash kernel from CMW it is not rebooted as in your video and i think its still running on stock kernel.
    Pls guide me what to do next

  4. LPB is also very good, but there is no data/gprs mode, i can only access the internet via wifi, if the developer fixes data mode via gprs/3G then it will be a perfectly stable build

  5. i have successfully rooted my ICS XXLPB 4.0.3 version in SGS2

    i am getting yellow triangle,
    can any1 please help me to remove yellow triangle on bootup.

  6. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve flashed this ROM, but now I want to restore back my Old GB ROM, but when I tried it…I get a bootloop after restoring.
    The same happens if I were to flash a totally new GB ROM.
    What do you think could the issue be?

      • I did clear everything.
        It took me 2 days but I finally resolved the problem.
        Had to flash Siyah kernel. And then got Superwipe to clear off everything.
        After that, restored the Sensation Rom.
        Got the bootloop again, but I flashed the Siyah kernel one last time and it finally works 🙂

  7. hi jayce,

    i want to root my cell and install some rooted version to my s2 after that if i get the full wipe version of andriod 4.0 if i install through that using odin will that yellow triangle issue will go…and will that warranty viod will not be recognised…can i flash the new os after rooting my cell…..

  8. hello

    can you please tell me if this would work on sgs2 i777 (at&t) u.s version ?

    If not can u please let me know,where can i download it ?

    thank you

  9. hola disculpa en mi samsung galaxy sII GT-19100 me sale unos errores en la pantalla q no me permiten utilizar el telefon sale un triangulo con este signo en el medio del triangulo! y sale (LA APLICACION (procesocom.whatsapp)SE HA DETENIDO INNESPERADAMmuchas mas aplicaciones …….cual seria la solucion para este problema ayudeme porfavor graciasENTE. INTENTELO DE NUEVO.) y me sale forzar cierre doy click y nada cual seria la solucion ayudeme porfavor

  10. hola disculpa en mi samsung galaxy sII GT-19100 me sale unos errores en la pantalla q no me permiten utilizar el telefon sale un triangulo con este signo en el medio del triangulo! y sale (LA APLICACION (procesocom.whatsapp)SE HA DETENIDO INNESPERADAMENTE. INTENTELO DE NUEVO.) y me sale forzar cierre doy click y nada …….cual seria la solucion para este problema ayudeme porfavor gracias

  11. i upgraded my S2 with XXLPB and rooted with CF-Root CWM 5.2 Proper version

    buy my data as well as wifi is very slow, i tried to check speed on browser as well as by downloading in market, but speed is very slow, can any1 help me out to fix this problem,

  12. I have a concern, and i’m new to this.

    My Base Version : I9100JCKE1

    Kernal Version : root@DELL1-3 #2

    Above are the details of my PHONE.

    Not sure which rom I can use, or where to get it.

    I do have the following file tho : I9100XXKP8_I9100OXAKP8

    Will this work?

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  13. hi Jayce after flashing my sgs2, my phone my phone is giving me a “kernel panic upload mode” and i cant operate the phone i tried to remove batteries but as is charging it will go into kernel panic………..i am paniking please help

  14. Hi Jayce, 2-3 months back I run the benchmark, my S2 I9100G CPU was shows 1200MHz correctly. But today I try to run the benchmark test and notice that it dropped till 800MHz, may I know whats going on? I’m using official 2.3.6 ROM I9100GDZKL3 and didn’t root my phone. The benchmark I’m using was Antutu and CF-Bench. Any ideal to fix it??

    • Terence,

      You will get Max Speed 800MHz if you upgraded to DZKL3, Antutu got update recently, please test again ~! you will get 1200MHz.

      You can change back to 800MHz via setCPU or CPU Master as you want. LOL


  15. Hy, i installed XXLPH on my s2, and now i have a little problem. When i get a call, it dosen’t vibrate just the ringtone works, but if i am in silent mode, the vibration works. Can u help me please to remediate this problem?

  16. hi jayce, just want to ask something… i was rooting my galaxy S2 but i forgot to tick USB debugging, what shall i do?, now my phone won’t start…

          • i used odin to root the galaxy s2, i downloaded a kernel from a site to root but before i started the procedure i forgot to tick the USB debugging option in the phone settings, rooting has passed but when i turned my phone on i can see the samsung galaxy s II and the caution triangle icon below it signifying that i flashed an insecure kernel, after that the screen is just black and won’t reboot to home menu…

            • Tick or not tick USB debugging does not matter here. I don’t tick it at all when root with CF-Root.

              But install a wrong kernel will cause issue. You still can load Odin Download mode, right? If yes, factory reset in recovery first. Then install new firmware with Odin.


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