Download & Install Android 4.2 Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for HTC HD2

Long live HTC HD2. Yeah, the most development friendly smartphone on earth just won’t die. ROM chefs are still working hard to get the latest and greatest Android on HTC HD2. So you can enjoy Android 4.2 Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM on HTC HD2. It is still in alpha stage (do expect bugs, not working features and slowness). But you can give it a try if you want…

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for HTC HD2

As usual, I did not try this Android 4.2 Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for HTC HD2 myself. HTC HD2 is long gone from me. But it is working great on my brother-in-law’s hands. Not running Jelly Bean of course but the stable Ice Cream Sandwich.

Download Android 4.2 Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM for HTC HD2 here.


  1. hi jayce!
    i’ve installed 4.1 cm10 on my htc hd2. everything appears to be perfect except one issue. my droidvpn isn’t working which was nicely working on previously installed ics. an error message appears which states that this handset is not rooted? do you have solution for this. would appreciate your help greatly.

  2. hi Jayce!

    I’ve solved the issue. initially the rom’s superuser didn’t give root access. later the shef has given updated superuser. its working now. thanks.

  3. Hi Jayce!
    superuser is not working on HD2 i have installed NexusHD2-JellyBean-4.1.2-CM10 V1.3a [NativeSD] i really need it because i want to size up my internal memory

  4. Hi Jayce!
    First happy new year to you and thanks for your reply
    Second i have re installed it using native SD way and every thing looks perfect
    Can you tell me what the difference between NAND with DataOnEXT installation and NativeSD Installation and which one has fast performance

  5. Can please make a video about how to install NexusHD2-JellyBean-4.1.2-CM10 V1.3a using NAND with DataOnEXT i tried so many times but it’s not working i’ll be very thankful if you will do

  6. After i repartitions my SD I’ll choose this steps please check it and tell me if there is any wrong
    1-Services>Boot sitting>AD SD Direction>EXT
    2-AD SD Boot>install zip from SD card>Choose rom>i’ll choose NAND with DataOnEXT in the installation>after it’s finish i’ll reboot>hold shutdown >
    3-Services>boot sitting>AD SD Direction>(should i choose this???)NATIVE SD >(Should i choose this???) Boot AD SD

  7. in which section should be NAND here or here
    3-Services>boot sitting>AD SD Direction>(should i choose this???)NATIVE SD >(Should i choose this???) Boot AD SD

  8. I really appreciate your replay
    That’s mean it should install it like Native SD however at the last step i’ll Choose Boot and NAND instead of Boot AD SD right??

  9. in my phone MAGLDR when i go to option 8 recovery it say no but score ???? i saw in your video you have cwm how i can add cwm in option 8 recovery in MAGLDR

  10. hello there, i would like use android system on my new phone HTC HD2, can you help me please.. can you give me a recommend.. which one its better and stable. with no issues..thanks

  11. hi jayce i would to ask i already hav clock recovery 200 mb how do i change toSystem partition size 275?
    and also clk how to use resize to 275 also?

    misc ya 1M
    recovery rrecov|ro|nospr filesize recovery-raw.img
    boot yboot|ro 5M
    system ya 250M
    cache ya 5M
    userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

    3 values which are boot, system and cache

    SO CAN I JUST RETYPING system ya 250M TO 275M?

  13. Hi Jayce . I’m new with THC phones and HD2 also
    i just wana now what is the perfect android for HD2(specialy look and battery life)
    and if I can keep windows on My HTC
    And who is better : installing Android on Phone mamory Or SD
    Thanks so so so…………….Much
    and sorry for those long questions ^^’

  14. Hi Jayce,
    do you have any idea to disable the navigation bar which locate at the bottom of the screen.

    i tried the ICS 4.0.4, it having some issue with Papago M9 due to the resolution.
    default is 480×800, but after the navigation bar then the resolution become 480×758.

    pls advise, thanks in advance.

  15. Dude, i am a huge fan of yours. To be honest, you’ve made me alot of money in the past from all of your information and mods for the best phone in the world….the hd2.!!

    I just wanted to share this piece of info with everyone. After i installed this mod, i was worried about 2 things ..the sd card if it was removed.., and if the program would stay if i switched the sd card for another. I tried it and it booted up without the orig i installed with , i even put a diffrent 16gb card to keep my music and pics.. it works great and actualy,,it runs faster without the orig in there.

    please email me with the newist stuff for hd2. I try everyone of them and i actualy like this one. its almost a perfect match to my tmobile springboard.. laterz!!

  16. Hi Jayce., I have an HTC HD2 phone running on cm10. My problem is the network(radio) is always grey instead of the blue. Pls help me to correct this problem. Thanks in advance.

  17. hello, Jayce… i appreciate your patience in helping others about installations, etc… can i just ask what is the most stable android version for htc hd2? and where can i download it… thanks in advance


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