Download & Install CM9 Android 4.0 ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

CyanogenMod 9 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android firmware. Yup, I revisit CyanogenMod custom ROM after signed petition to Samsung Mobile. CM7 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II was not that good during my testing last year. How about the latest nightly CM9 Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2? Let’s find out while waiting for the official ICS firmware from Samsung…

CM9 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

Antutu Benchmark score
Trebuchet Launcher
Software Information

CM9 Android 4.0 ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 definitely looks better than before. It is fast, smooth and looks great. However, it still has several bugs / missing features on the nightly ROM that I tested. I can’t play video at all. Non-functional MHL TV-Out yet. By the way, Google Applications like Android Market does not come along with CM9 ROM. You need to install them yourself with CWM manually. Try it out, you might love it.

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Download Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich CM9 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 here.

Download Google Apps for ICS here.


  1. hello again,

    im addicted with this phone, now i want ICS, i searched the net and found this version what do you think about it? XXLPB Firmware

    thank you

  2. hey jaycee,

    i wanted to install custom rom on samsung galaxy s2 which is some OLLEH carrier, i dont know where it is from.

    anyway, i downloaded the ke7, ke2 and ke4 versions, but everytime i try installing a cm7,cm9 rom from clockworkmod it gives me status 7 issue and aborts it.

    am i missing something? kindly reply me asap.

    • In all honesty I did have some troubles with keyboard lockup in V8.9. It was fixed by using a market keyboard. Don’t know if that bug is in 9.0 but if so it’s a minor issue imo.

      Looking forward to try stable CM9

  3. Thanks a lot jaycee one more thing if you canlink me to the guide to install stock after cm7 i have firmware files for 2.3.6 xwkl1 indian version.
    thanks again for all your help.

  4. Hi all, I tried updating my Galaxy s2 to ICS 4.0. Followed all instructions, using ODIN. Then I got FAILED results. When I tried my phone it only starts with a phone and a broken link between a PC. Any one knows how I can recover it back?

  5. I have already installed CM9…
    but google maps does not appear…
    and also IO FIles…

    How can i do to get it or inatll it?

    Sorry for my english!


  6. I need you help…

    galaxy s2…i root and got for DXLP7…
    and everythig goes fine…since i pick official firmware..

    then i go for flashing…cm9 which i download from Rom Manager…
    before this…i already made back up with CWM and Rom Manger…
    but after i flash…everything gone…and it seem an error with that rom…

    so i use odin to go back with DXLP7….
    and now my phone cant open..finish download n everything..but when i start…
    i keep pending on loading…which show “S” galaxy s2…

    so..i there anything i did wrong..n any idea how to fix?? T.T

  7. that the problem…i cant go into keep loading ><
    i can only go into odin mode (power+home+volume down)

    how to wipe out if i cant go into OS??

  8. aahhhh..i dont try
    my bad..worst case scenario..i already send back my phone to home town T.T
    i will came back to you later with go0d news..i hope so =)

    • thank you~~ problem solved..even my mom know how to do it.. nervous even i forget about recovery mode ^^
      you are my saviour..

  9. OHey, I was thinking of rooting my phone with Cm9, but the video bug
    , does it affect youtube aswell? And got any idea when it’s gonna be fixed


    Ps: i have some kind of problem,
    it looks like there is a small part out of my glass
    But isn’t gorilla glass really though? 2 months old phone

    Pss: sorry if this is messy, on my gs2 right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi,

    my friend already updated his s2 to ics. But when i went to check,my phone detected no new updates. Anyone knows why?

  11. Hi, Jayce
    I want to install custom ROM ICS on my S2, after rooted my phone via Odin, my Baseband version is:I9100XXKI4 Kernal is: and Build Number is :GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2 and yellow exclamation mark appeared on startup.
    what should I do for installing the said custom ROM.

  12. Hi, Jayce
    I have installed CWM and now my phone status is Baseband: I9100XXKI4, Kernal Version:, Build Number:GINGERBREAD.JPKJ2. phone has been rooted I am bit confused in given detail, what is Kernal and what is CF-Root file and what exactaly I need to download to get rid of yellow exclamtion mark without USB Jig. waiting for your reply.

  13. Hi, Jayce,
    My CWM manager version is v2.0 and under this written, Current Kernal: CF-Root 4.4.
    Please your explanation required.

  14. Hi,Jayce

    PDA: I9100JPKJ2

    My phone detail , hope you will get some better idea.

  15. Dear Jayce,

    Thanks for your guideline. Finally I have rooted my SGS2 phone, yellow exclamation mark has gone, Superuser and CWM icon is there. I am a bit worried about installing ICS 4.0.4, or is there any latest ROM available for me. could you plz guide me which version is suitable for my device and from where to download it. my phone detail is below. phone bought from UAE-Dubai

    PDA: I9100JPKJ2


  16. Dear Jayce,

    After rooting my Galaxy S2, I am unable to install the apps from website. my device is not appeared on google apps store and one more thing ” Google Services Framwork”not running from Running Services. accidentaly I stopped this service. plz help me.

    PDA: I9100JPKJ2

    Ahmed Farooq

  17. I have rebooted so many times but not working. I can install apps from my device via Play Store apps software.

  18. SIR PLEASE HELPO ME I DON’t KNOW why my s2 keeps on popping up this mesgeunfortunately, the process has stopped.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rep asap pls

  19. sir how can i use the CWM if i can’t open my phone?.because when i opened it ,it keeps on popping up the process has stopeed :((
    is there a way that i can do to restore it by connecting it to computer?

  20. Hey jayce, that video playing bug doesnt play recorded videos and videos in the sd card or we cant stream videos from youtube or any other site?

  21. Hi Jayce,

    There is no chinese (็ฎ€ไฝ“) input on the cm9, it just doesnt appear on the list, i was wondering if you know how to add in the chinese input language for the keyboard.

  22. Dear Jayce,

    its been a long time I am taking a help to you, please help me out, I have rooted Galaxy s2 over ICS official ROM, took the backup via CWM, while installing jelly bean4.1.1, after Aroma installer it got for a long time and truned off the screen automaticaly now it’s not turning On at all and not charging, tried Hard reset and soft reset both but nothing happning. help me to out. what should I spose to do. Model: GT-I9100 base band: XXLPX Kernal:JPLPF

    Ahmed Farooq

    • Dear Ahmed,

      It is probably too late now. But if your phone is still “dead”, then you may want to try a so called JIG plug. In many cases it can make your phone boot into download mode:
      – remove the battery of yor phone,
      – plug in the JIG,
      – waiting 30 seconds
      – put the battery back in
      and then your phone hopefully boots into download mode, where you can use Odin as usual.
      There are many places, where you can buy such a plug.

      Good luck


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