Download & Install DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 ROM for HTC HD2

Yes, one of the famous developer from Dark Forces Team DFT, Cotulla who make all the custom ROM like Windows Mobile, Android and Windows Phone possible on HTC HD2 has a new gift for WP7 users. DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 for HTC HD2 is the latest present from DFT. Thanks to them. It is not the latest WP7 8107 but 7740 should be good enough for HTC HD2. What are the new features in DFT UltraFruit WP7.5 Mango 7740 for HTC HD2? There are a lot but here are some interested me ~ heavy improved camera quality, new touch screen driver, improved sound quality…

DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 for HTC HD2

Err… Microsoft still does not impress me to use Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2. So I did not test DFT UltraFruit on my HTC HD2 as well. Sorry, no impression from me. Android and iOS are getting stronger and even better. Lot of quality applications and games to choose. WP7 needs to catch up a lot in software. And in hardware too as most of the WP7 hardware is 1 generation behind. Hopefully, Windows Phone 8 will be a better OS to fight against Android and iOS.

DFT UltraFruit installation is the same as previous WP7 ROM. You need to have SPL-2.08.HSPL, Radio 2.15 and DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13. Just refer to my Windows Phone 7 7004 installation guide. By the way, do leave feedback and report any issue of the ROM to DFT at XDA. They will use it to do future development / improvements. Thanks.

Installation guide – How to install Windows Phone 7 7004 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 ROM for HTC HD2 here (Link broken and removed. Sorry).


  1. Already installed rom, just writing to say, i love your tutorials! very easy to follow, you helped me a lot when i would get stuck doing my dualboot. Thanks!:)

  2. Hi Jayce, I installed DFT UltraFruit and it works greate but I cant open Office and Maps, any idea? is this image corrupted or from where i can download fully unlocked image of Windows 7.5. Thank you in advance.

  3. Thanks for the instructions!!
    i am able to install DFT UltraFruit successfully but not able to login using my live id.
    because of that i can not download any app from the market place.
    any idea?
    thanks in advance.

  4. Tried it, runs smoothly!
    Couldn’t get wifi going so had to remove it again.
    I really would have givin’it a shot!

    Back to Android again….

  5. hi jayce

    you have powerfull website thank’s,,,,,,but i have litel problam! i bught the sock htc hd2 last mount, and konw i cant chose the best softwar for my celephon, what is the bestet software wich one plz explain to me, is android the best or win 5 -6-7 is the best plz help me to choice

  6. Hi Jayce,

    Is this Update applicable to Twilight WP7 installation. I have installed it.. works fine.. can install market place aplications using XAP installler.. I wanted to know, whether this update works for my TWILIGHT ROM installed.


  7. jayce, now i have a activation key for wp7 , but i am worried if it might cause a problem.. Do u suggest me to activate it ?? And do u find any importance in activating it? I know i can access marketplace, but anyways i am able to install some of the applications.. So i will wait before activating it..

  8. Hello,
    the download link for mango not working for me, I have a version but I do not see the folder or file called provision**.cab
    can you help me

  9. how do you install android 2.3.7/or latest Ice cream sandwich and win 7.5 on the same htc-hd 2 phone and boot both of them successfully.
    any help or links will be gratefully accepted.

  10. thanks.but which particular android ROM version would install successfully with Win 7.5 Mango rom?
    Which of the 2 ROMS is installed in the SD card and which on in the phone memory?

  11. hi jayce ,i had downloaded DFT_ultrafruit 7.5 mango in size 305.MB and when i tried to install it on my hd2 i saw an error when installatio was in about 99%!
    what you think about this problem?
    is it possible that rom i downloaded cropped ?
    because i found another rom with size:313MB in
    sorry for my English !!!

      • hi jayce! this issue is not a serious problem!
        we have just to go to fallow this way in MAGLDR boot loader before flash DFT_ultrafruit on HD2
        : go to MAGLDR boot loader : 9.servises => 4.UseLast24NAND => Green!
        hey jayce i offer you to test this wp7.5 rom on your lovely HD2
        it is really complete and improved !
        i really prefer this DFT wp7.5 much more than all android and wm6.5 and wp7 roms!

    • and who know how could i active my wp7.5 without call microsoft?!?!?!
      plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  12. which rom is fast ?
    * DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 ROM for HTC HD2
    * windows phone 7 mango 7720 rom for htc hd2

  13. Hey, i installed the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 ROM and the installation did complete successfully ,but when the phone was rebooted and then when it was loading windows phone 7.5 for the first time,an error messaged pops up saying that storage card is not working . it asks to replace a new card or use a new card . i did both things .but still gets the same error me please. thanks

  14. Hi Jayce,
    I Install WM 7.5 on my Htc HD 2… Now I want to uninstall it. I want to try ICS 4.0.4.
    So can you please tell me How to Uninstall WM 7.5 From my HD2..?

      • Hi Sir, Thanks for your quick reply.

        Sir I tried that way, but its not working. When I select 8. Ad Recovery it says that “No Boot Sources”..I think may be its because of I format the Memory Card that I used in first time installaion of WM 7.5.

        Everytime I tried to do CustomRu thing and I connect it with my USB cabel it says Error 260. (Connection Error)

        I also tried to install WM 7.5 again. By doing 10. Service > Flashing…. I saw Waiting USB….USB on my HD 2. On my PC it says Waiting for USB connection and after some time it gives error (It’s 1198 error)

        So, Can you Please tell me Now what should I do next…?

  15. I tried downloading the DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango 7740 ROM for HTC HD2 and it sends me to a different ad every time, i have tried going everywhere but no luck. Any ideas?

  16. hiya Jayce, i was wondering will u port WinMo 8 for htc hd2 if its possible??? i’m looking forward to it, rly ๐Ÿ™‚ reply if u can, tnx in advance!

  17. Please I would like to update my phone to Windows 7 and dual boot with android gingerbread, how would like to know if it is possible. I have a HTC HD2. If possible can you please send me the link for both OS and the tutorial.

  18. Sorry, actually I was able to install it. I would like to activate windows live account, please do you know where can I find the activation code.
    Thank you

  19. HI Joyce

    Can you help: Hi

    I installed Windows 7.5 Mango for Leo on my HTC HD 2, when I turned it on it started up showed the DFT logo, then windows mobile logo, after that it shows it says that my SD is not recognised please reswt the Phone and I tried to Hard rest it but it still brings up the message and stops there…. please help how can I recover my phone or downgrade t to the customary 6.5.

  20. Bonsoir, est il possible d’avoir accรฉe a la carte micro sd quand on est sur WP7 sur HD2. Si oui quelqu’un a t’il un tuto a m’envoyer. D’avance merci

  21. he..jayce i install wp 7.8 on my hd2 but my windows will problem to activation my account plz idea me and one again to sd card as not to shown on filemanager…plz idea me


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