Download & Install WP7.8 ROM for HTC HD2

Wow… The legendary HTC HD2 is still alive and kicking. HTC HD2 may not able to get Windows Phone 8 Apollo update. But you can enjoy WP7.8 ROM (OS version 7.10.8835.35) on HTC HD2 now. And it is fully unlocked. Of course it is loaded with other goodies like Ultrashot Root Manager, WM Device Center, USB Video, Nokia Camera Extras, Nokia Drive… Personally, I still prefer Android over Windows Phone. But there is lot of HTC HD2 owners who love Windows Phone will like to download and install this WP7.8 ROM for their HTC HD2.

WP7.8 ROM for HTC HD2

OS version 7.10.8835.35

I did not try this WP7.8 ROM for HTC HD2 personally. Besides, the download link is temporary removed at the time of writing this (no worry, it will back soon). Hopefully, my WP7 installation guide is still working for this latest Windows Phone 7.8. As usual, do get more information at XDA website. Enjoy…

Installation guide – How to install Windows Phone 7 7004 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for HTC HD2 here.


  1. hi jayce my good friend
    thanks a lot, HD2 is still alive ,
    but i Think wp7.5 tango HD2O is much more better than all wp versions still!
    i think that this version 7.8 is running too slow too enjoy !
    thanks again man 🙂

    • Hey Ali?! could you pass me the link for that wp7.5 tango HD2O you´re using.

      Jayce, I´ve been following you for a while. thanks for all your tips!


          • no it dose not meas like it!
            an activation code is needed,
            you can get it from microsoft for free by calling them! i had called to them and got one!
            if you could not do this i can give one to you

              • hey man!! 🙂 don’t say theme you want for an hd2! you should say you want for your htc hd7 windows phone 7.5 mango 🙂
                then they’ll give you one!

                • Hello expert guys,

                  I have installed WP7.8 from this page and I was successful except for the activation code. I have tried everything with Microsoft calling and other stuffs.
                  If anyone can give me an Activation Code that will be a glass of cold water in hell fire for me.

                  Thanks in advance…:D

                  • Hi Talha,

                    I was able to install WP 7.8, from other link here it is. also if you go to microsoft website under support and click live chat you will get it. you need to provide. then model number that HTC HD2,IEMI number that it.

                    pls go through below links.

                    WP7.8 ROMs

                    Build 7.10.8858.136 V3, Password: Apollo12

                    [03.01.2013] V3 LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01 1L [0409] download link

                    >> LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.51 .50.21U_WP7.8_7.10.8858.136_NT_1L_V3_by_ansar

                    [04.01.2013] V3 LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01 18L [0409/…/0419] download link

                    >> LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.51 .50.21U_WP7.8_7.10.8858.136_NT_18L_V3_by_ansar

                    [04.01.2013] V3 LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01 3La [0409/0404/0804] download link

                    >> LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.51 .50.21U_WP7.8_7.10.8858.136_NT_3La_V3_by_ansar

                    [04.01.2013] V3 LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01 3Lb [0409/0411/0412] download link

                    >> LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.51 .50.21U_WP7.8_7.10.8858.136_NT_3Lb_V3_by_ansar

                    [04.01.2013] V3 LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01 3Lc [0409/043E/0421] download link

                    >> LEO_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.51 .50.21U_WP7.8_7.10.8858.136_NT_3Lc_V2_by_ansar


                    • Hey Anil,

                      Thank you so much for your reply. I am now using gingerbread on my HTC HD2.
                      But thanks again for your response and download links. I will try those in future if I decide to use WP 7.8 again on my phone.

                      Thanks and Regards

            • hi ali asghari
              I have installed windows phone 7.5 on htc hd2 as you suggested, but I can not use it because i dont have Activation Code please send it to me.
              i can not call local microsoft because there is no local support in IRAN.
              please help me. 🙁
              This is my email: aj,

    • hey Ali… ‘

      i got HTC HD2, wants to install 7.8 bro…. im good with computer not with phones.
      Please help me with this,
      wants to know the link to download the software.
      i saw couple of videos but u know bit confused please help me bro ….
      kind a bit new to this things ….

    • hllo ali

      pls mail pass me the link for WP7.8 ROM (OS version 7.10.8835.35)

      i am using NexusHD2 Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta10 “” with help of Jayce, bt facing internal storage problem.., so i want to go with window 7.8

      can you help me…

  2. I installed fruit ninja xap. using xap deployer app preinstall on the rom but it does not showing up in the game app or anyware.

    also where can I uninstall it

  3. Hello jayce,

    I installed this rom on my hd2 a few days ago. but now i want my Sensation XL rom back, how can I do this I tried everything i knew. please help me

    greetz from The Netherlands

  4. Hi,
    Windows 7.8 installed on my HD2 with no problems.
    Now how do I install additional programs without going through the Marketplace?
    What is the difference between cab and xap files?
    I am a noob


  5. My HTC hd2 is not powering up after trying to change the radio because i wanted to change the os of it, the battery is good condition and is fully charged, so what could be the problem ?

  6. Hello Jayce,

    I have T Mobile HTC HD2 LEO Model which i got unlocked by friends. Is it posible for me to upgrade WP 6.5 to WP8.

    If it is posible; could you please provide installer and step by step process to do that.


  7. Hello Jayce.

    I’ve tried to transport the HTC HD2 WP 7.8 to my HD2 but seems there is a error. I’ve couple of times tried and also rom is running,but after it finished the transported rom says ÿou have no
    sdcard/mightly be broken or your SDcard doesn’t be recognized. I’ll be think i have to buy a other SDcard but i don’t know which SDcard i can use for my HD2. I use no a SDcard 16 GB and also i’ll tried to formatting my card (with succes),but the same error comes again (also with the WP roms 7/7.5 and 7.8). I’m now use the EVO/HD2 rom .zip and these .zip rom works perfect via AD recovery,and also other Android roms works fine (almost all) onto my phone.

    I hope you’ve the right answer(s)

    Many greets from Bertus Netherlands

      • Thanks Jayce for your answer. I’ve checked my SDcard 16GB and also these card is Kingston,but i think what is going wrong. I read a turtorial and that says “You’ve to be change your SDcard into FAT32 format”. And when this working i’ll be write back a letter.

        I wish you for now a Merry Christmas and a very lucky and good newyear (2013)


  8. Hi there, i install it. all settled. but there is an issue with the Marketplace update, download. i took the activation coded from MS but says that already reached the max users. any idea to solve the issue?

  9. heyy jay, hpe u there an official windows 8 rom for htc hd2?
    also my wifi is very very weak on my htc hd2, unless am 1metre or 2metres close to it..pls help

  10. Hi

    I uploaded this rom WP 7.10.8858.136 everything work fine on HTC HD2 , but my wifi get disconnected regulary can u help me.
    I have to restart my mobile everytime to start the wifi again.
    can u help me with it.

  11. what do u mean by chef?
    i have downlaoded this
    HD2 Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.8 OS 7.10.8858.136 RMT v8.7

    can u please send me a link to download OS version 7.10.8835.35
    i hope u will have some idea now.

  12. Hi
    Jayce I have installed wp7.8 is in my HTC hd2 mobile every thing is working good but battery drain DAMN and market activation code problem any way to Salve this problem?
    . thanks

      • hi, I installed wp7.8 on HTC HD2 but, when enabling and clicking to the wifi mobile getting restart and keypad is not being popup. Any help or upgrade patch is available.

  13. Hi , I have successfuly installed wp 7.8 and now I need activation code , but when I go to settings and go to about and it shows me name:htc hd2 and model nokia lumia 900. And my question is when asking Microsoft for activation code should I say for Nokia lumia 900 or it doesn’t matter which model is?

  14. Hi , I’m really scared to make a call, chat or mail to microsoft with my real information or fake , so Please can someone Help me and do this for me PLEASE!!! I am with wp7.8 and in settings the model is Nokia Lumia 900. My email is

  15. i flashed my hd2 withWP7.8 ROM …. everything seems to be working perfectly except my data connection….. my wifi works perfect and also the marketplace works good…. so please how can i fix this problem…………..

  16. Hi
    I want to install new version of windows mobile OS because this version have some problems like suddenly restart battery dream?
    This is possible to install ios on htc hd2?
    which one is the best rom for htc hd2 windows 6.5,7,8 or android ….(?) nand sd native?
    big problem of htc hd2 battery freeze and internal memory any solution for this?

  17. hye guys .
    i have requiested to you plzzz tell me how to install windows 7.8 step by step .
    thanks in adv
    regards sheikh muzammil

  18. Hi jayce first of all thanks for your suggestion . I have installed WP 7.8 on my HTC hd2 and I have activate it also but there is a problem after activating my phone that if I download any app from market place its going to download and show a popup windows that ask me for select date of birth and country/region is automatically selected I live in Pakistan but the automatically selected country/region is people’s republic of china then I accept it it shows an other popup windows and tell me that I hv reached the maximum limit of account for windows phone .can you help me out plzzzz.

  19. thanks Joyce I just wanna know which IMEI I have to tell them, is there any other I have to check on the internet or the same my HD2 has?

  20. i followed all of your step and i successfully installed window 7.10.8779 but i need a activation code now i tried it from microsoft support but i cant access from there may i cant get access from my country please help me

  21. Hello jayce, I have a big problem here, and it’s about root access stuff. I have successfully installed 7.8 on my hd2, but i want to give root access to wp7 root tool which gives root access to other apps

  22. hello ali, can i install wp7.8 on htc sensetion4g? now i am using htc sensetion4g and want to upgrade it to windows phone….many thank!

  23. Hi,l bought a HTC window 7.8 for six month now the only thing l can do is
    Receive calls and make call all because of activation code and l have called Microsoft customers but still no help.l will be grateful if u help me with the code.thanks these my email

  24. hi can you help me, my phone keeps telling me storage card not working and it needs a hard reset. the problem is i wasn’t able to back up my files, do you have any idea how to recover it?.i still didn’t reset it because im afraid my files will be lost.

  25. Hay jayceooi ….. I want to know that how to install game from SD card on hd2 win 7.8 Manually installation of game…….
    Please help me


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