Download IR remote control for Galaxy S4 free

Samsung Galaxy S4 infrared remote control is one of the selling points. However, Samsung WatchON is limited to entertainment devices only. Can’t remote control other devices like aircon, projector, fan, DSLR, IR switch and etc. Luckily, there is a free Android application for that. Yes, iControl is the IR remote control app of the day. It is developed in China, so expect some words in Chinese. No worry, essential functions are still in English.

Free IR remote control for Galaxy S4

I managed to setup iControl to control my Samsung TV. Too bad, can’t make it to work on Hitachi aircon. No preset native or custom DIY IR profile for it. Anyway, feel free to try it. Your devices might work with iControl. Make Galaxy S4 as your universal infrared remote control.

Download iControl for Galaxy S4 here.


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