Download JKay Deluxe Theme for Samsung Galaxy S2

JKay Deluxe Theme is one of the must installed applications for Samsung Galaxy S II. It is a modification to enhance Samsung Galaxy S2 quick panel, lockscreen, power options dialog and bring other goodies too. Personally, I like its custom quick panel with 9 toggles (scrollable left and right). I use 3G data toggle usually and hate to enable / disable it with power menu. Besides, I also like the CRT TV off effect when lock phone. And more goodies like full charge notification on / off toggle, low battery notification on / off toggle, supports SIP and VOIP…

JKay Deluxe Theme Lockscreen

Custom quick panel with 9 toggles
Custom power menu

JKay Deluxe Theme supports odexed and deodexed ROM (stock firmware is odexed). And XXKH3, XXKG5, XXKG6, XWKF3, XXKI3 and XWKI4 firmwares are supported. In order to use JKay Deluxe Theme, you need to install the update zip with ClockworkMod Recovery and install JKay Deluxe Theme Settings apk later.

Download JKay Deluxe Theme here.


  1. Hi

    You are saying install the theme using CWM, is it from the CWM app, then i proceed to install the SystemUI.apk?

    I received message “Application not installed”

    My firmware version is XWKF1, is it not listed in the supported firmware. How can I upgrade to other firmware version?


  2. I’m running leomar75 2.7.1 rom. When I download 1 of the themes, ”JKay GreenGinger” after the installation my phone could not boot up and freezed at the galaxy sII with the yellow triangle icon with exclamation mark. So i restored to my previous backed up rom . My question is did I select the wrong theme that do no support this rom?? i chose the odexed version btw

  3. hey jayce. ive got xxk13 firmware downloaded, clockwork mod installed iveattempted the odexed and de odexed versions of the xxk13 jkay deluxe theme and tried putting them in the “card”folder and the “phone” memory folder. ive just started attempting random combinations of things because im all out of ideas on what im doing wrong. every time i try it it aborts installation in the clockwork mod
    any ideas on whats going on?

  4. Yeah i do everything looks perfect as it does in the video until i actually try and install it where it just aborts and ive got no idea why. am i required to download and install anything appart fromcf root and clockwork mod prior to downloading and installing the theme?

  5. hello, its me again, thank you for your guide on installing the 2.3.7.
    can i install this theme on this versionGWK74?
    thank you


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