Download Jmz Android Dual-Boot for HTC HD2

Open file explorer in Windows Mobile. Go to โ€˜Androidโ€™ folder in SD card. Click on CLRCAD.exe and click on Haret.exe in the end. This is what I do in order to bring up Android 2.2 Froyo on my HTC HD2 last time. Now I just need to have 1 single click to load Android. Thanks to Jmz Android Dual-Boot for HTC HD2.

Jmz Android Dual-Boot for HTC HD2

Of course, with Jmz Android Dual-Boot for HTC HD2, I need to have 1 click to enter Windows Mobile too. But it is worth it. It saves lot of clicks when loading Android. It is must install application for those with Android on their HTC HD2.

Download Jmz Android Dual-Boot for HTC HD2 here.


  1. Does it matter what ROM/radio version/etc is on the phone? I’ve read you need to have something like radio version 2.08 or higher to use Froyo.
    If so, where can I get ther relevant update(s) before downloading and using the dual boot app and Froyo?

  2. Heey Jayce. I got a problem xD… How do I run it. I start go to file explorer but when I hit the _setup buttom i goes into a blank internet page. Please help me out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I was just reading all the posts in this page and I think I can ask you one question. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am getting HTC HD2 next week. I already downloaded the Can I just install it without thinking about “Prerequisite to run Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2” and expect it to work fine? Not sure if contains all the necessary files. Let me know. Thanks for your help.

  4. Hello Jayce, I was wondering do I need to make a folder on my SD card for android?, and what file do I download there. after that which file do I download to my phone memory or what folder.

  5. hey jayce.. i did the autoboot the first time and it worked liked a charm but after i installed some apps n rebooted i was stuck on a black screen with a green htc logo..

  6. Thank you Jayce! I have been reading all your posts and instructions etc. and I got everything installed and running fine. Dual boot works excellent, Energy rom looks good, android and no radio flashed. I kept the same radio that came with the phone since I live in the USA. However, one slight problem.

    When I boot Android, it works fine but very often the screen turns black. The button lights works but nothing on the screen. Sometime nothing works at all. It acts like the phone is dead. To make it work, I have to do “reset” from the back of the phone and it reboots. It only happens when I run Android. No problem with WinMo. Any suggestions or fix? Thanks in advance for all your help!

    – Shamim

  7. I just tried (Mdeejay eVo Sense v1.1 )…it will start loading few lines and then hangs on “HTC”. It doesn’t go any further. I tried Mdeejay eVo Sense v. 2.0 rEVOlution and same problem. Only FroyoSense 1.7 worked but it goes dead with black screen issue. Other ideas? Thanks

    – Shamim

      • Sorry man.. haha my fault. I didn’t wait long enough for the installation (different builds). When it goes to “HTC” nothing happens, so I thought it wasn’t working. ๐Ÿ™‚ It takes about 5 minutes before the screen disappears and everything loads fine. I just found a new Android ROM for my phone. Check it out.

        “Desire Sense – BlueTopia v0.4” – very nice looking…for Tmobile – USA only!

  8. hi jayce,
    i might need some help here if you dont mind, im having problem with my htc hd2 not recieving yahoo mail…for a while now…im running on a standard rom…but it suddenly stops receiving any mails. i have three different email account. hope u can help me with this.. thank you

  9. So to install dual boot there are 4 files, do i just drag and drop into the internal memory ( not the SD card) like the one that has around 600 mb? and it should auto work when you reboot the phone?

  10. I have HTC HD2 downloaded this Dual App… when I select “Down Load Android” the screen stays on the black and white lines.. any suggestions? Does this only work on win 6.5?


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