Download KitchenPro v2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note

CheckROM users, it’s time for you to upgrade KitchenPro to version 2 now. Don’t know what is KitchenPro? Then you really need to study it well here. In short, KitchenPro lets you customize CheckROM custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note.

KitchenPro on Samsung Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note

KitchenPro v2 Features

  • New Splash screen
  • Download Speed info
  • SD Card Space Warning
  • New Rating and Comment Layouts
  • New Server Info and Star Rating’s
  • Full & Perfect Landscape view compact-able
  • More than one preview for the themes available
  • Slider-able & Select-able ICS Style custom View-pager
  • Auto Device Detect and Auto Server Selection Capability
  • Redesigned UI of Mod’s,Animated Title,Preview’s and Review Tab

Download KitchenPro for Samsung Galaxy S2 & Samsung Galaxy Note at Android Market here.


  1. I suppose it’s not possible to UNinstall any of the mods installed via KitchenPro?

    Meaning unless you do a NANDroid backup before each install, you’re stuck with whatever you installed.

  2. hi bro

    i downloaded the checkrom frm market n updated it v6 but when i wish to download something here, it told me i am not running a checkrom n asked me to download n install. not too sure on this problem.

    appreciate yr advise.

  3. Is it possible to install DioPen Chinese IME from stock ROM and make it work with? What are the steps involved?


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