Download Kxting 开心听 for Android

Music lovers, Kxting 开心听 for Android is the mobile music player that you need to have on your phone. It is similar to KuWo TingTing 酷我听听 but much better ~ online streaming is smoother. Rolling lyric is supported. Lot of songs can be chose from multiple top ranking charts. You can listen to them directly by streaming or download for offline playback. Online radio stations are available too. My only wish ~ it have music video playback capability. As usual, application from China is in Chinese language only, no English version.

Kxting 开心听 for Android

Kxting Features

  • Rich music resources
  • Great sound quality
  • Customized music radio
  • Support for audio books
  • Finger-friendly interface

Download Kxting 开心听 for Android here.


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