Download Mdeejay FroYo Sense Clean Android ROM for HTC HD2

Android build on HTC HD2 is getting better each day. Thanks to all the developers who are working hard on making it toward perfect. And my search to have a perfect ROM is on going too. Need to get a perfect build that have no issue on touch and tilt sensor due to hardcore gamer am I…

Mdeejay FroYo Sense Clean on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

Mdeejay FroYo Sense v1.1 Clean is using hastarin R7.5 kernel and built on official RUU HTC Desire (Brovo) v2.25.771.1. Tried a little while and found that it does have some touch screen and tilt freeze issue from time to time. Might be caused by overheating CPU due to overclocking to 1.1 GHz. Hmm… The search is on going again. Do you have a perfect Android that can recommend me?

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download Mdeejay FroYo Sense v1.1 Clean ROM here.


  1. what do you mean with overclocking? Are there Android builds for de HD2 which overclock the processor? Or is this just an exception? If not, how can I find out if the build XY is overclocked? Because I don’t want to damage my new HD2. Are there other risks for my hardware using an android build?
    Thank you very much for the information and have a nice evening!

    • HTC HD2 is running at 1 GHz max normally. Overclock == running more than normal like 1.1 GHz. It is fine to overclock if under control (your HD2 will be a little bit hotter). And you can use Quadrant to check the current CPU speed. No other hardware issue I can think of. 😉

      • Hey Jayce!
        Thank you for explaining this! But does every Android build overclock the processor, or is this just an exception? And when overclocking the processor, is it running the whole time ond 1.1 GHz or just when needed?

  2. Hi Jayce, I have been trying almost all the Android HD2 ROM, I still noticed that the DATA Connection (3G and Edge) do drop sometime or other and the Mobile Network option need to be OFF then ON again. Curently using the Mdeejay FroYo Sense v1.1 Clean, still the same. But this kind of problem won’t happen in WinMo 6.5. How come? Thanks.

  3. Hi Sir
    I installed it and working everything fine but I cant see the serch icon while opening people list.
    Can you help me please
    I appreciate your great job

    Mohd Ali-Jeddah

  4. hey jayce i want to download this rom for my htc hd2 but it seems like this download no longer exists on rapidshare as it shows that the file has been deleted so how can i download this rom ?? plz help

  5. you should try boyppc-shiftpda sense.s v19 rom for hd2 ive tried almost all roms and this one is all around best no lag only problem is sometimes reboots when i backout of youtube app while video is playing.that one problem happens seldomly though.

  6. Hi Jayce, was wonderin if there’s a NAND Version of this rom (Mdeejay FroYo Sense Clean)?
    I tried SENSATION XL ROM EU Magldr V 1.0, didnt like it cuz a little slow.. thanks =)

  7. I see, can we chat somewhere? like ym or something? im abit lost in this kinda thing, rightnow im using HyperDroid-CM7-Killer-Koala-v5.5.2-magldr-signed and it eats alot out of my batt…

  8. Hi Jayce,
    Good job.
    My htc hd2 converted to android 2.3.3 ver and i am not satisfy for the features. is that okay to convert it again to OS win 6.5 professional? thanks in advance

  9. Hi,

    Just one more, I am using T mobile HTC HD2, my problem is that I cannot acces any website like google etc. Can you give me some steps to configure to my current network settings? Very much appreciated your help and being so responsible on your advises.



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