Download mskip Android Loader v5.0 Final for HTC HD2

There is one click to load Android shortcut that come along with Energy Windows Mobile Custom ROM. And I am using it everyday now. If you don’t have one click to load Android shortcut, it’s time for you to try out mskip Android Loader v5.0 Final for HTC HD2.

mskip Android Loader v5.0

By default Android will boot straight away when the icon is clicked (fast mode). There is another safe mode which will ask a confirmation question before booting Android. And option to select when Windows Mobile boots up ~ you can choose between loading Android or carrying on into Windows Mobile. Try it…

Download mskip Android Loader v5.0 Final for HTC HD2 here.


  1. hi, probably stuck..what is the very first step to load adroid on htc hd2(stock rom & software) it to change their hspl then install the custom RUU for custom ROM..then android file into sdcard be4 lauch the clrcad and the haret…im follow the at the still cannot to laod the android.. could you plis help..what is the step by step from 0…

  2. I wish you knew how much your site has helped me…all of us! We really do appreciate all of your hard work and patience.

    I do have a question: I have my HD2 set up, pretty much, exactly like you recomend (and LOVE it). The Loader is an AWESOME feature to the energy ROM, to get to droid. Is there a .cab, app, etc. that we can use from the droid OS to return to WinMo just as simply? I have approx. 500 contacts that sync with Outlook, and would like to be able to jump back and forth.
    THANK YOU in advance!!

    PS. Or if there is a way to transfer my Outlook contacts to the Droid side of things…that would work as well.


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