Download official Android 4.4.2 KitKat for Galaxy Note 3

Yeah… Samsung is always the fastest manufacturer to release latest Android version on their devices. Of course, we don’t count Google Nexus devices here. Yes, Galaxy Note 3 users can enjoy latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat now. As usual, Europe region ~ Poland is the one that get it first ~ N9005XXUENA6 firmware. Other country will get it sooner or later…

Official Android 4.4.2 KitKat for Galaxy Note 3

Poland users, you can start to use Samsung Kies or OTA to get this update. Others, give Samsung some time to arrive to your country. One month or two…


  1. And for all HTC users & buyers
    HTC says the One X, One X+ won’t get any more Android updates
    now we can see which one more better atleast SGS3 & NOTE 2 running 4.3 official

  2. Jayce,

    how to install a apk in Galaxy Note 3 ?
    I open the .APK, but in the installation screen the button “INSTALL” is disabled. πŸ™

    ps. I use the option “Unknown Sources”


  3. Jayce,

    Do you or any Note 3 users face below issues?

    1. Screen do not awake from standby when flip open the S-View cover or pressing home/power button. LED lits and the two Menu/Back button backlight lits also but just refuse to turn on the screen. It takes some time (about 30 sec or more) to wake up.

    2. Clock widget does not update in lock screen when awake from standby. Discrepancy between time shows in notification bar.

    3. After 1 and/or 2 – touch screen seems to slow in response. Notification bar turn black for a while and no response when touch to key in PIN or swipe to open the notification list.

    4. On occasions when have incoming call, screen doesn’t turn on and can’t accept or reject call or view caller””s number.

    Have all above since KitKat update….Kind of regret now!!!

  4. Hi Jayce
    Totally unhappy with 4.42 update on N3:
    -Rooting problems
    -Programs cannot write on extSDcard, makes it almost useless
    -can write/delete when connected to PC or using My Files but added Software cannot
    Wish to go back to 4.2

    Cheers Chuck

  5. Hi Jayce
    Finally got N3 4.42 rooted -CWM gave me headaches -CF auto root worked fine
    – Meanwhile solved the SDcard writing problems – see
    – got PENwindow running after flashing an update
    – lost Knox of course
    alltogether happy again

    Cheers Chuck

  6. hey , my note 3 SM-N900 is already kitkat 4.4.2 version and i want to root it without other stock rom .so please tell me the easiest method of rooting mty note 3 .


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