Download official Samsung Galaxy S3 modem

Which Samsung Galaxy S III modem (radio / baseband) is the best for me? Different region have different Samsung Galaxy S3 modem because carrier, frequency band, topography, location and distance from cell tower are not the same. So you need to try Samsung Galaxy S3 modem yourself to find out the best Samsung Galaxy S3 modem for you. Using the correct modem will give your Samsung Galaxy S3 better signal coverage and battery life. By the way, these official Samsung Galaxy S3 modems are for GT-I9300 & GT-I9300T models only.

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 modem

By the way, it is okay to install other region Samsung Galaxy S3 modem. But it will make your Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware as custom one. So you can’t use Samsung Kies to upgrade firmware anymore until you are back to stock firmware again.

Download official Samsung Galaxy S3 modem here.


  1. when is the new update which is xxlfb coming VIA KIes to singapore and other asian countries?this update is said 2 have easy access 2 the brightness through the notification bar


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