Download Polaris Office 4.0 for Android Free

Yes, you can download Polaris Office 4.0 for Android finally. And it is available free for Samsung Galaxy S III users. Polaris Office 4.0 should come along with Samsung Galaxy S3 by default but we got Polaris Office Viewer 4.0 only. Anyway, we can all enjoy full version of Polaris Office 4.0 from now on. Editing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents should be easier now. Besides, Polaris Office 4.0 provides various cloud service connections like Google Docs, Dropbox and Therefore, Polaris Office 4.0 is your truly mobile office…

Polaris Office 4.0

Download free at Samsung Apps

Download Polaris Office 4.0 for Android at Samsung Apps. Or More Services in Samsung Galaxy S3.


  1. Hey Jayce, good stuff on your website so far(i keep coming back every day to check for new posts), can you maybe do a post on custom boot animations. Would really appreciate it thanks ;D

  2. Been waiting for this (Polaris Office 4.0) since got new S3 last month.
    However, even tho you say & show it has been released and is now available through Samsung Apps/More Services, I cannot find it tho those apps on my S3.
    I’m based in the UK if that makes any difference?
    Any thoughts or suggestions?

  3. I am unable to locate Polaris Office for download.
    I checked everywhere from Galaxy S3 and from PC. No luck.
    Please help.

      • Hi, I just bought a Galaxy s3 over the weekend and I can’t find Polaris Office, or any app that lets me write Word documents…. and the only app stores on my phone are Verizon Apps and the Play Store, not Samsung Apps. How do I fix this?

  4. Polaris Office 4.0 is not showing in Play Store when I search for it on Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab. Same for everybody else?

    I also don’t see it in the Samsung App when searching on Galaxy 10.1. However, when doing the same search on Galaxy S3 phone, I can see and download?!

    Any ideas? I would like 4.0 on my tab because it syncs to Dropbox instead of (which seems to be the default and can’t be changed?)


      • My Samsung galaxy tab 2 .gt p5113 came with Polaris office built into it, and now when I try to connect to my gmail servers to download files, I get an error. Never before, but i noticed it maybe last month.
        I use goodreader on my iPod touch, and now am looking for an app on my tablet that can download files like that, or this used to…
        Will this ever work again?

  5. I really have to thank you! Without your site I wouldn’t know that I could download it at the Samsung Apps-store! I hadnt think about the Samsung Apps. So…Thank you!

  6. Re Polaris Office and Cloud support.
    You might want to consider sticking it out with PO4 and using File Expert.
    Has all the cloud support you should need and allows you to combine multiple cloud platforms in 1 place.

  7. I’m using polaris office 4 on my note 2. I am unable to save documents retrieved from dropbox. It said not enough memory to save file. I thought note 2 have 2 Gb ram, should be enough for saving few kb file. Polaris office 3 doesn’t have this problem on tab 7.7.

  8. Sir/Madam
    can you help me with downloading and installing Polaris office on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I bought this Galaxy note 2 from Bangkok, but it came with Polaris office Viewer only, which advises me to download Polaris Officet from samsung apps. But every time I log into Samsung account, it says the country of apps store and my country does not match. I am in Bhutan. I need this to edit my documents…..

  9. Dear Jayce
    I did created a samsung account bases in thialand, but it says that the item is not available with the error code… by the way what is apps store country code PPC
    Thanks for your response

  10. Sir. I am using samsung galaxy s duos in my play store or samsung application
    There is no polaris office so hw can i down load or use it

  11. Hi, I’m a total neophyte at this tablet thing. Is there a tutorial on how to use one? I am interested in using it while traveling and keeping in touch with family. Tks.

  12. Can polaris office 4 carry forward figures from sheet 1 to sheet 2? If so Please enlighten me only bought it 3 dasys ago and like it heaps

  13. Hi Jayce

    tried that does’t work just gives you filters to muck about with. have done the spreadsheet on excel and it works fine so I can’t imort the file from excel or generate the spreadsheat from polaris 4 to work on week to date , month to date, or year to date. I’ve resigened myself to generateing the simple single spreadsheet copying it or emailing myself the data and pasting it into excel for the final product not what I was wanting but hey that’s life hey?

  14. Hi Jayce

    By accident I deleted PO4 from my Tab 10.1. Is there any way I can retrieve PO4? Iā€™m thinking about resetting to factory settings, but would of course very much like to avoid this..

  15. Hmmm good question Jayce,

    I have no back up and must say that I don’t no what you meen by “rooted”?
    I’m a pretty new user…

  16. How to uninstall Polaris Office v3 from a Galaxy S II GT-I9100 at Settings Applications Polaris Office v3 UNINSTALL button is “grey” however other applications can be uninstall including Polaris Office v4 Why and how to remove the useless v3?

    Thank you

    • Hi ambar, Polaris Office v3 is part of system applications. Therefore, you can’t simply uninstall it like that. You can use Titanium Backup Pro to remove it if your SGS2 is rooted.

  17. Hai using SGS2 nonG..n gor previous vrsion of android,im using polaris office too,n i very like it since its very light. fyi,now im using 412 JB. n i installed polaris vrsion (from previous one) which is v3. n now,there is already v4 where i really want to use it. my Q is,can i use it on my SGS2 nonG? do answer me,plzzz šŸ™‚ n if there is no any problem with u,reply to my email above. tqvm..looking forward for ur answer.

  18. Hi… I never use Polaris Office before, usually I use Kingsoft Office. But Kingsoft Office works so slow with big size documents. So, I wonder if Polaris Office is better than Kingsoft Office. I worked with word document with many pictures on it (document size approximately 800-900 Mb and may increase since I have not finished with it yet). Open the document with Kingsoft Office take so much time and type more even make it worse. I do not have any idea whether it is because of the application or my phone specification. Please advice. Thank you so much

  19. Why the hell I can;t download it for my Note II? It only shows: “Unfortunately, Samsung Updates has stopped.” But only qhit this app. -_-

  20. is there any way to do conditional formatting in polaris office. or any plans to add this feature. Also direction of text as I want some text to be shown vertical in cells as well as horizontal.



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