Download PPS TV for Android

Yeah… PPS TV is available on Android phone finally. PPS 影音 is one of my favorite online streaming video players which use P2P technology on PC, iPhone and iPad. And I can watch anime on my Samsung Galaxy S2 with PPS TV for android. However, Hong Kong TV series is not playable with Malaysia IP address. PPS TV for iPhone and iPad are facing the same issue too now.

PPS TV for Android

Hmm… The connection speed is not so well on PPS TV Android version compares to PC and iPhone / iPad. It took quite sometimes during loading and buffering. And just hang there once in a while. And lag a bit during video playing when it need to buffer again. Hmm… Maybe it is my Internet provider Streamyx issue. Or lack of people sharing the video that I watch. Anyway, do download PPS TV for Android and try it for yourself. As usual, no English version available…

Download PSS TV for Android v1.0.2 apk here.


  1. Hi Jayce, can watch movie but cannot download the movie.
    Iphone PPS can watch & download.

    Do u know any solution or any good recommended software intro for android same like PPS?

  2. I installed for my android tablet. I didn’t have any problems streaming movies on my tablet. But when I tried downloading a movie, the dowmload hung. And now I have two incomplete movie downloads sitting in’s last tab under the 下载中 section. Since that page doesn’ t have any other options, I don’t have a way of deleting those two hung downloads. Any suggestions on how I can delete them? Thanks.

  3. Hi phone is samsung galaxy sll n i cnt watch hd movie for suddently, it said my phone cnt support hd jz happened suddently , is tat i pressed the wrong thg??

  4. hi. I have downloaded a few drama in my ipad and would like to copy to my pc.
    but I cant find a way to do it after google for more than 1 hour.
    any advise??

  5. I want to watch Hong kong cantonese drama or movie in my lap top, how can I do it if I want to use PPS ?
    Presently, I am using Funshion but too many korean and chinese taking over, so lesser cantonese show in funshion, I need to find alternative, please advise

  6. Hi,my phone is galaxy S,
    after update my pps to a new version,i cant watch any drama online.
    it has a pop up n said time too long for loading. download also take a long time.
    however my sis is using S2 didnt occur this problem. will it be my phone problem or line?

    • Did you save the old app version ?
      If you still have it, restore it.
      My iphone / ipad app upgraded version has blocked
      HK TV drama, and after I restored the old version,
      I can find the current HK TV Drama.

      So, who has an old pps tv android app ?

  7. try to download a drama series from pps tv to samsung 7.7 tab. However it don’t seems to response. Any help from you.

  8. Unfortunately I updated the pps for android tablet. Now I’m looking for an older version without succes.
    Any can help me?

  9. Which version should I download into my android? I downloaded mobile version, is this correct?

    After loading, I download drama in my android and don’t know where to find it in order to watch it. Please advise.

    What is the different between mobile version and pad version?


  10. Hi guy

    How are you guys doing? i have download the PPS 1.0.2 apk app tonight. I still can not watch TVB drama. Can someone please tell me why or tell me what i should do? Thank you so much.

  11. Thanks !

    Where & how to search China IP (same for computer & mobile) ?

    Do I have to update ppstv or do some setting? Different mobile does different setting or same for all mobiles.



  12. Jayce

    I did search China ip address list (65)
    IP address Port Hostname Country Region City 80 China Beijing Beijing 3128 China Guangdong Zhongshan
    The above 2 for example, is ip address depends on the port / region and city ?
    Help me please !


  13. Can you please advise if you can download the whole drama on PPS TV and how? I really like one of the drama and on Ipad I can see the download bar but on my pc I cant.

    Please help.


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