Download PPTV 1.2.1 for Android Phone

PPTV 1.0.10 was a junk on my Android HTC HD2. However, PPTV 1.2.1 for Android Phone is a must installed application on my Samsung Galaxy S II. The latest version of PPTV Android Phone improved a lot. The P2P online streaming is working smoothly now. No lag at all. There is a new interface. And it has category, region, year and video format selection now. Added top ranking for each category like movie, TV drama, anime… Most of all, PPTV Android Phone supports download ability now. Streaming on my slow 3G data connection is not good. But no an issue when I can download the anime and watch it later…

PPTV for Android Phone

Downloading anime…

Thanks to PPS TV which is gaining lot of popularity. PPTV has no choice but to improve PPTV application. Else I am almost jumping ship to PPS TV already. I guess that I am back to PPTV now. How about you?

Download PPTV 1.2.1 for Android Phone here.



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