Download PSP emulator for Android (PPSSPP APK)

Any PSP games lover here? Good news for you all. You can enjoy PSP games on Android devices now. Well, it is not limited to Android only but available to other platforms as well like PC Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (jailbroken only), Blackberry, Maemo, Symbian, Pandora and Linux. However, I will focus on Android version here for the moment. This PSP emulator is called PPSSPP. You can download PPSSPP Gold without advertisement or ad-supported version at Google Play Store. Or download PPSSPP APK from its website directly. The choice is totally up to you…

Yes, you can enjoy PSP games in Full HD resolution on PC and Android. It will upscale textures for you too. So less blurry images. You can also play around 3D graphics settings like anisotropic filtering and texture scaling to enhance the picture quality. And not to worry about advertisement. You can always use AdFree Android to remove them. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your own PSP Games ROM ISO copies and start enjoys it on Android tablet or phone. Download PSP emulator for Android at Play Store here or PPSSPP APK here.


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