Download PureGingerbread NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

xda-developer, iamgpc updated his PureGingerbread build to version 1.7. This version added ClockworkMod Recovery and APP2SD+ since my last tried on this NAND build. It is based on Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread AOSP and using gpc#226 Kernel.

PureGingerbread on HTC HD2

Stock 3D Launcher

Hmm… Not sure why, I faced lot of Android processes crash issues on first boot. No issue on second boot. It is smooth and fast. Will move to Gingerbread soon when it is stable down.

SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download PureGingerbread v1.7 [Kernel: gpc#226] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.


  1. Hi jayce how about the typhoon v.2.2? I’m using the typhoon v.1.6a, if I want to replace the 1.6 do I have to flash it again like wipe the data or there’s update only. And also what’s the different between standard build and ram build? I download the darktremore how do I know if installed or not?
    In your opinion which is better puregingerbread or the typhoon?

    • I did not try Typhoon latest version yet. Same apply to RAM build. So no idea on it yet.

      As for Darktremor Apps2SD, you can check your SD card with Linux like Ubuntu. EXT partition should have applications installed there.

      It is hard to tell which build is better because my needs are not same as yours. I don’t need to use phone camera so I don’t care about it at all but you might need it.


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