Download Raidroid HD Sense NAND Android Zip ROM for HTC HD2

It is hard to get a fast HTC Desire HD Android ROM for HTC HD2. I tried AF403 DesireHD and RAFDROID HD. Both of them are slow but this Raidroid HD Sense build is fast. Its speed is the same as gauner1986β€²s HD-FI NAND build but it is based on ClockworkMod Recovery. It is based on Android 2.2.1 Froyo (Latest HTC Desire HD WWE 1.72.405.6) and using custom kernel. It is a nice one to install on your phone…

Raidroid HD Sense on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

Surprise, Raidroid HD Sense build is better than Raidroid Sense build.

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download Raidroid HD Sense v1.1 [Kernel: custom] NAND Zip ROM here.


  1. Hey Seems that u r the only one who has the most info on the Nand builts can u help me find a good Nand the problem is most the builds other than the Desire dont have fullscreen camera so they take smaller pic i want a fast build with fullscreen cam

  2. Hi Jayce,

    Very informative guides you got here… thank you so much…

    I’m a newbie in installing Android for my HD2. I don’t even have any custom rom since I’m afraid to brick my TMOUS HD2.

    I’ve watched the video on installing NAND Android and it looks easier and I wanna try it.

    My phone is stock with only few games and apps including CHT 2.0. Here are the software info of my phone:
    OS Version: 5.2.21892 (21892.5.0.89)
    Manila Version: 2.5.20121412.2
    ROM version: 2.13.531.1 (90963) WWE
    Radio Version:

    Do you think I can install the directly the NAND android or I just have to install new version of radio? How about my apps like CHT 2.0? do I have to remove them? Is NAND Android can be easily uninstalled incase its not good for me or this ROM is really better than winmo that I would never consider to uninstall and go back to winmo…=)

    Thank you so much…

      • Hey Jayce,

        thanks for your reply, does upgrading your radio will not affect your phone?

        is there any risks if you only upgrade you radio and you will not immediately install android?

        What would be the best step in installing NAND Android since I saw in youtube that the other instruction install the Android on RAM and your instruction install in SD card, which is better?

        Thanks and more power to your site! =)

        • Upgrade radio ROM does not affect Windows Mobile. But might improve / decrease phone wireless signal.

          Nope, you can install radio ROM without install Android or WP7.

          NAND Android is faster than SD card Android. Best step to install it? Depend on each person…

  3. Last one Jayce, can you explain me the storage limitation of NAND? cause i’ve read some on XDA and I’m confuse does it mean that if you use NAND android all of its apps will be installed in your phone mem and not on SD card? cause I love apps and games… thanks again.

  4. Hey jayce . I absolutely love what you have done for hd2 users I use a hd2 and the winmo software was not cutting cutting it. I have a question I installed this Rom but the cameras does not work on video. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this.


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