Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper

Download Samsung Galaxy Note II Live Wallpaper now. Yeah… Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be out on October. I am sure that I will get hold of it at the first day when it is available at Malaysia (hopefully, Celcom has roadshow in Penang this time). No more RGBG PenTile in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but using a new RGB layout for 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED display. This is great news. So in order to keep me calm, I download and install Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy S3…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper

Check out the static Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wallpaper here. Or download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper here.


  1. Do you know if the Note 2 camera sensor is the same as SGS 3? The specs the same, but no one ever really confirmed it. And if it is the same, how was your SGS 3 camera? is it reasonable good? I intend to use it to scan name cards and A4 paper, so as long as it’s reasonably good, I have no reason not to get one. The HD2 camera is not so good with A4s.


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