Download Samsung Galaxy S3 User’s Digest

Just got a Samsung Galaxy S III? And want to learn how to enjoy all the amazing features in your Samsung Galaxy S3? Samsung has a nice free Android application for you ~ Samsung Galaxy S3 User’s Digest. It has easy to follow instructions and videos that guide you on how to set up and use your Samsung Galaxy S3. Set-Up Guide that includes account, Wi-Fi, display, lock screen, indicator, call sound and motion settings. How to Use Guide on features like Smart Stay, Direct Call, Smart Alert, S Voice, Social Tag, Pop-Up Play, Music Square, Camera, S Beam, Buddy Photo Share, Dropbox, AllShare Play, AllShare Cast and Service. Furthermore, there is tutorial video too.

Samsung Galaxy S3 User’s Digest

Samsung Galaxy S3 User’s Digest is easier to understand than reading the long and boring Samsung Galaxy S3 User Manual. Be sure to go through it to learn more about your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 User’s Digest at Google Play Store here.


  1. I just download the Samsung Galaxy S III user digest from play store
    after finished download, I turn off Wi-Fi and open that apps
    wait it loads the content, once finished load my phone goes black screen, and I wait for it very long still same, so I close it
    then open it with turn on Wi-Fi, this time screen is showing white colour, and at center of the screen got a things to spin, but spin is stuck and also wait very long still same so exit it
    so I go application manager and look for it and clear its data, and open it with turn on Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi also same
    any idea ???


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