Download Sensation XL NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Beats Audio is the best feature on latest HTC smartphones now. However, you can enjoy Beats Audio on old generation HTC smartphones like HTC HD2 too. Just install Beats Audio on HTC Sense ROM will do. Personally, I don’t prefer HTC Sense ROM anymore because it is slower than CM7 and MIUI ROM on HTC HD2. But this Beats Audio makes me to try it again. So I have HTC Sensation XL ROM on my HTC HD2 now…

HTC Sensation XL ROM on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
HTC Sense 3.5 Launcher
Software information
Music player with Beats Audio

The HTC Sensation XL ROM installation was slow (around 45 minutes on my slow SD card). But it is worth the waiting. haldric’s HTC Sensation XL ROM (Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread) on HTC HD2 is the fastest HTC Sense 3.5 ROM that I tried. And I like Beats Audio too. Of course, it is still slower than CM7 / MIUI ROM. But I can use my HTC HD2 as a music player with high quality Beats Audio.

Note – You need to have 210 MB CWM partition layout and 1 GB of EXT3 partition to install this HTC Sensation XL ROM v1.0 ROM.

Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download HTC Sensation XL ROM v1.0 [Kernel: HierOS r1.8.3] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.


  1. haii 🙂

    uhm i have ext2 on SD created with CWM, how to change it to ext3? or i can use different program to reformat the partition to ext3 or 4?

  2. hi, i installed it and i did reboot. Then it booted and shows me SENSATION XL ROM FOR HTC HD2 screen and reload it automatically, again again, Must I waiting 30 mintes?

  3. I was trying to download this, I was having trouble downloading it through maglrd not clockwork mod, can you provide me with a tutorial through maglrd??

  4. Hi Jayce, I finally got a hold of this rom but for some reason the wifi is not working… Any idea why? All info is much appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Hello,

    I have installed this ROM with 400mb CWM partition and 1GB EXT3 partition. I didn’t notice earlier that the 210MB is needed!
    Looks like the ROM is working fine. Just one problem though. I have an 8GB micro SD card in the phone but when I try to open the movie application or try to update/install applications from android market, the phone notifies me that there is not enough internal memory although I have more than 6GB free space on the SD card!
    Any idea how to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

      • Thank you for answering so fast.

        Now if I want to change this partition size, do I have to go through all the installation steps or how?
        Does this delete my settings and setups which I have made already?
        Does this ROM support apps istallation on SD card?

          • Sorry to bother you so much with questions 🙂 I am just new at this and trying to understand how this works 🙂

            So, basicaly if I chose 4GB EXT3 partition (which was the max in your istallation guide) instead of the 1GB I will have more space to install apps, right?
            What about the rest of space on the SD card? is it usable for installing apps as well or it just for mass storage?
            In your guide you have 250mb CWM partion and not exactly 210mb, can this be used?


  6. Attempted twice to install this.. couldn’t boot it eventhough the install from sd took only 10 mins.. downloaded the recovery from xda after finish restart, waited like 1 hour and nothing.. any ideas? Followed your guide.. the only difference from the xda link is I used EXT3 1gb and not EXT4, coz not sure how to do it.. btw, do partition before or after install from sd? Thanks

  7. hi Jaycees,
    currently i using andriod on my HD2, I would search ur help on how to flash other android ROM in my device please or I have to go all the process again?
    thanks, Narin

  8. do we have keypad T9 on android as windows mobile?
    in windows mobile, in writing message we can have many keyboard option while android don’t have. please advise how can I have this?

  9. just a small question …. if its all about software ie. beats audio …. y dont we just extract it ??

    can u gimme the link to download software for my “hyperdroid rom”
    m using hyperdroid cm 2.3.7 right now !
    thanks mannn .. u rock !! 😀

  10. okay i ll change d rom to the htc rom … but still m not gonna use that laggy sensation rom …. ll download the beats audio software and its drivers …. now can u give it a thought ….
    beats audio + normal super smooth htc build rom of desire hd = awsomeness at its best 😀
    please give it a try and let me know ! 🙂

  11. Does it support Arabic language ?
    I have a problem in internal memory does it support installing apps in the mem. card?
    best regards

  12. I’ve created 1 GB of EXT3 partition by watching your video on youtube ! but how can i create 210 MB CWM partition layout ?? or how can i check the current CWM partition layout ??

  13. Hi Jayce,

    I’m a first timer at this. Like one of the guys, I’m stuck with the image of a panther one hour later. The part I don’t get is the editing to 210mb CWM. I’d downloaded the 250mb CWM. Where exactly do I edit?…its all jargon.. I have the page open with notepad++.

  14. Hi Jayce,

    Right, got it. Thanks a lot.
    I’ve gone through the whole process again exactly as you’ve said in your guide but the image of the animal is still there one hour later. Mine is a HD2, T-Mobile version. Any ideas why it’s not starting? Plus what other cool android OS can I try installing?

  15. Thanks, final question, why does my hd2 screen refuse to work at times? the touch facility at times. there’s no screen cover..

  16. please Jayce. I want to install this Sensation XL ROM on my htc hd2. I am running Android 2.3.5 CyanogenMod 7.
    I have downloaded the SensationXL ROM, but i need u to tell me how to install it, step by step.
    because i dont see any instructions. Thanks

  17. ok, so since i did all this while installing CyanogenMod 7;
    Radio that support 576 MB RAM
    DFT MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13
    ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3
    EXT3 partition on SD card.

    do i have to install them again??
    if no, should i wipe data/factory reset in CWM recovery? and please when do i make the 210 MB partition and 1 gb of EXT3 on sd card.

    Also should i do backup in CWM Recovery??

    Sorry for too many questions… just dont want to make errors while doing this.

  18. wondering If you or someone on here can help me out, I have been running sensation xl rom w/beats for a while now, I have never had an issue with it its an awesome rom. All of a sudden camera is giving me issues. I can take pictures but It wont save anywhere and its driving me crazy. Camera was working perfectly fine before, it went weird one day to another. Any help with this would be great. Thank you in advance.

  19. Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)…..
    this link use cwm nand..i wnt to install

    Download HTC Sensation XL ROM v1.0 [Kernel: HierOS r1.8.3] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.

    pls tell me step by step…

  20. Hello, thanks for the complete infos. After i installed this rom (and i don’t know why all the sense 3,5 roms) i got very few space on nand memory. when i looked to properties i see all of the space is 6-10 mb and kbs for free 🙁 when i install app+sd i think send all apps to ext it doesn’t boot, just the black screen with green htc logo. can you also help me too friend ? 🙂

  21. hey jayce just wanted to thank you for those tutorials! very concise and easy to follow. i only have on slight problem though. whenever i wanna change the display scene/skin, it doesn’t show a preview of what they look like, although i can still apply them. do you know how i can fix this?

  22. hi jayce..

    my phone stuck on MAGLDR screen when is go to second option boot SD……it shows 123456 go go go go….but nothing comes…

    please help me

  23. Do really want to use this, but I cant download it as the link directs to megaupload which is down at the moment….so my question is if you could put the file on a different site?

  24. my phone didnt work it just keep rebooting what should i do
    and the install guide that you put is not the same android

      • 150 cmw partion then i tried 250 cwm but it didnt work i stuck on boot screen the htc beats audio i really need hmm i have an idea what if i giveyou my email then you send to me the right video cuz the video on your website is not correct!!!! thanks alot

  25. After putting this and testing a few other ROM’s I somehow have lost my upload speed over WiFi, I have about 40kbs up.. over wifi and 1-1,5 MB over mobilenet, all tested onm speedtest bt ookla, my boardband is 30/5

    Any suggestions

    Thanks in advance, Erik

  26. hi jayce just a quick question, just got an htc sensation xl and battery life is too short, do you have any idea how to make it last longer?

    thank you very much


  27. Hey Jayce,

    I just installed this ROM …it works perfect except for one problem:

    I cant access USB Mass storage from my PC. I have tried everything 🙁

    Please help!!!

  28. Hey Jayce,

    On this ROM when i go to Friendstream tab…i can not connect to Facebook….when i chose does nothing….

    Help Plzz!!

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