Download Windows Phone 7 (WP7) NoDo ROM for HTC HD2

Yes, WP7 NoDo ROM (7.0.7392.0) is finally here for HTC HD2. Windows Phone 7 lovers, prepare yourself to flash this latest ROM on your HTC HD2. Personally, WP7 NoDo is not my cup of tea yet. More WP7 applications are needed before making me jump the ship. I rather stay with Android and iOS unless WP7 have special phone hardware that none of these platform have. So you need to try this WP7 NoDo ROM yourself. I did not test it…

WP7 NoDo Update Full Feature List

  • Copy & paste.
  • Faster apps and games.
  • Better Marketplace search.
  • Other Marketplace improvements.
  • Wi-Fi improvements.
  • Outlook improvements.
  • Facebook integration.
  • Camera improvements.
  • Audio improvements.
  • Other performance improvements.

Download Windows Phone 7 (WP7) NoDo ROM for HTC HD2 at XDA website here and here.


  1. I recently got myself a rooted both 2.3.4 android and wp7. but the wp7 isnt activated.
    can by updating this version get the wp7 activated?

  2. hi friend,just call u r microsoft line.give u r wp.imei no.they will give u the activation no.very easy.


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