Download WP7 Update Cab Sender for HTC HD2

Yeah… I have Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 again. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango makes me to try WP7 for HTC HD2 again. And my very first impression about WP7 Mango 7720 ~ great. This is how Windows Phone 7 should look like…

WP7 Update Cab Sender

Thanks to XDA Developers, xboxmod and Yuki. WP7 Update Cab Sender is a batch program to install cab to your WP7 HTC HD2. And it should work for other native WP7 phones too. Basically, it calls Windows Phone Engineering Flashing Tool to do the job. Therefore, you need to install Setup-UpdateWP (located at ‘if needed install this tool’ folder, x64 for 64 bits Windows and x86 for 32 bits Windows) before using this batch program.

Download WP7 Update Cab Sender here.

Note – For Windows XP users, download this patch and overwrite WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat.


  1. just want to know can i install custom android ROM in native android device. I am asking this because i am having samsung galaxy beam and samsung is not providing with update. so i want to upgrade to 2.2 or 2.3 using these custom ROMs. pls advice…..

  2. I am not a computer expert and I need a little help. Just how do you “overwrite” the WP7 cab sender bat with the Windows XP patch version?

    Also, when I attempt to run this bat, I get the following message:
    “The system cannot find the path specified. UpdateWP version 4.8.2134.0”

    And then this message below it in RED:
    “Error: The installed version of ZuneWMDU 4.8.2345.0 does not match the tool version 4.8.2134.0.”

    How is this corrected?



      • Is the message I got IN RED due to the bat not being overwritten for use on Windows XP? Or is it due to the wrong Zune version?
        I can get local help in overwriting the file if needed.

        I have already loaded the WP7, but not the later WP7.5;
        and it is working very well! Zune was loaded too and just then it automatically updated the WP7 which I got from you. And with many added features!

        Maybe the auto-update caused the Zune glitch?

        Thank You!


              • No, I have not found it. A couple of links to an even older version turned up, but the pages were no longer active. It looks like the tool in the cab sender bat will have to be updated if the correct Zune file cannot be located.

                If I find a source, I will let you know.
                Maybe Jayce will find it first!

                Until this is fixed, we all will just have to wait. The update tool will not work without the correct Zune file.


  3. Hi Jayce, I am getting this error when using WP7 Update Cab Sender “Error: Get device logs failed with C00D070A” in red and i am running DFT UltraFruit Windows7.5 on my HTC HD2. Can you please help me unlocking my SD Card. Also my phone is running with 0 Free space, not sure why is it showing total storage: 15.59MB and Available 0.

  4. Hi ,

    Got a bunch of errors updating:

    ERROR: E_GENERAL_FILE_COLLISION : File Name: dictionary.0409.dat :
    Following Package on the Device already contains this file:
    Package: IME_Lang_0409 FROM Version: TO Version: 7.0.7003.0 GUID = {F8C6F46F-8506-695A-E0CF-38C4D911266F}

    Any pointers, no backup available, just like to fix it…

    phone is at 7.0.7403.0 tryning 2 update 2 mango

  5. so… I used the cab sender to update to mango 7.5 8107, but I can’t use it to just download cabs…(DEV_UNLOCK thing)….. it says, “Error: No Update files” I was just curious if you knew what I might be doing wrong. Updateing the os build was easy, I don’t get what I could be doing wrong.


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