Download Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker v1.4 for HTC HD2

Okay, I am back to HTC HD2’s world. Some complaint about absence of HTC HD2’s posts. No worry, HTC HD2 is still alive and kicking with Android 2.2 Froyo build and future Windows Phone 7 build. Can’t wait to have triple boots. 🙂


Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker had been updated to v1.4 from v1.2 and got some useful add-ons like below and fixed some bugs…

  • Answer on gesture – slowly passing your hand over the proximity sensor, will answer the incoming call.
  • Added a short delay before turning the speaker on, so if the phone is momentarily way from the ear it wont turn the speaker on.
  • Added the possibility to use the g-sensor instead of the proximity sensor. Now you can define two pairs of angles between which the speaker is off.
  • Added a configuration & about dialog. To open the dialog press the notification or run the application again and touch “settings”.
  • Added a toggle to remove the notification altogether.
  • Added the ability to start/stop the Service form the settings application (under the about tab).
  • Added some text to the g-sensor calibration screen.

By the way, Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker v1.4 is tested and working on HTC HD2, HTC TP2, HTC HD Mini.

Download Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker v1.4 here.


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