Download Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker for HTC HD2

Tired to turn on loudspeaker manually by yourself? Here is an Windows Mobile application created by Zevele called AutoLoudspeaker. It will automatically turn on the loudspeaker when the phone is away from the ear, and turns it off when it is near the ear. Loudspeaker will automatically switch on if the proximity sensor is unblocked and off if it is blocked. Isn’t it nice?


Looking forward for the future enhancements.

  • Recognize gestures to manually turn on/off the speaker. Currently the sampling frequency of proximity sensor is too slow. If I’ll find a way to sample the sensor faster it might be feasible.
  • Answer call on gesture – unlike the previous issue, this one might be easier to implement.
  • Change the method for acquiring data from the Proximity sensor. Currently I poll the registry for its value.
  • Start automatically on boot (add to startup list)
  • Add an icon to the notification bar.

By the way, besides HTC HD2. AutoLoudspeaker is working on HTC TP2 too. Enjoy…

Download Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker v1.2 here.


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