Download zMooth for Android ~ gesture to replace hardware keys

Android HTC HD2 is using hardware keys for home, back and menu function. These hardware keys might have issue if using them too much (luckily mine still okay). So we have Button Savior which is sidebar style software keys. And now another Android application called zMooth comes to save your HTC HD2 hardware buttons. It uses gestures to mimic back, home and menu hardware keys. By the way, zMooth requires a rooted android device.


Up-arrow(^) for home

After you install zMooth, you will see a blue area at the bottom of the screen. Just swipe left on this area to go back, swipe right for menu and gesture an up-arrow(^) for home. Hmm… swipe left and right were working right after I installed it. But they are not working now. Only home gesture is working. Wondering why… Must be some background processes or task killers on that are interfering with zMooth (a known issue). Err… uninstalled it. But you can have a try on it.

Download zMooth Lite at Android Market here.



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